Mar 31

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For those of you that may be experiencing social or emotional difficulty during this period of time and would like to discuss these issues with someone:

School social workers, psychologists and counselors are available to address social/emotional needs via a Dearborn Public Schools hotline. Simply call (313) 827-8500 and you will be connected to someone who can help.

Mar 30

AP Macro – 3/30/2020

II.  Objectives:

  • Discuss the history of the Federal Reserve System
  • Describe the structure of the Federal Reserve System
  • Explain how the Federal Reserve has responded to major financial crises

III.  Bank regulation p. 247 – Brace Map

IV.  The Federal Reserve System pgs 254-260

V.  Classwork:

  • Module 25 & 26 Questions on iLearn

VI.  Homework:




  1. One page summary with the key points of the video and some explanation.  
  2. Information you found interesting and why?
  3. Information you may agree or disagree with.
  4. Your overall Opinion
Mar 30

Government – 3/30/2020


  • Utilize internet resources to gather information about the state and local government.
  • Analyze a flow diagram to determine state and the federal government procedures regarding FEMA.

Classwork to SUBMIT ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM – I will not grade anything sent to my e-mail which includes:

  • Work you submitted, then I graded, then you decided to do it correctly and send it to me again.
  • Work past the due date to avoid Google classroom marking it late.

A. FEMA Worksheet – SUBMIT TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM- Due by Wednesday


Mar 26

Government – 3/27/2020


  • Summarize the obligations that the Constitution places on the National Government with regard to the States
  • Examine the roles of the executive, legislature, and state in Federalism
  • Examine the many and growing areas of cooperative federalism.

II. Classwork – Due BEFORE Sunday (I will be putting in grades this weekend)

A. 4.2 Questions on iLearn

B. Federalism v. Coronavirus on Google Classroom

Mar 26

AP Macro – 3/27/2020


I.  Bellwork

25.1 on iLean Q&A

II.  Objectives:

  • Describe the role of banks in the economy
  • Identify the reasons for and types of banking regulation
  • Explain how banks create money

III.  Discussion – Module 25 PPT

IV.  Classwork

  • 25.3 T – accounts
  • 25.4 WS
Mar 25

Government – 3/26/2020

I. Objectives:

A.Summarize the obligations that the Constitution places on the National Government with regard to the States

B. Explain the process for admitting new States to the Union.

C. Examine the many and growing areas of cooperative federalism.

II. Read Chapter 4 Section 2 in the textbook on iLearn – PPT Notes are provided

III. CLASSWORK – Everything below needs to be submitted to Google Classroom by Friday 3/27/2020.

I will not answer emails that deal with “I forgot”, “I didn’t know” ,”I was busy” , “I’m just a loser”, etc….

A. Chapter 4.2 Questions on Google Classroom – Submit to Google Classroom

B. NCLB Act Part 1 Questions on Google Classroom – Submit to Google Classroom

I will not spend time hunting for your assignments or looking through my email for them. Submit everything to Google Classroom – unless there are iLearn Questions

How to submit an assignment on Google Classroom

Mar 25

AP Macro 3/26/2020

I.  BellworkSubmit of Google Classroom

  • 24.1 on iLearn Q&A

II.  Objectives:

  • Explain why a dollar today is worth more than a dollar a year from now
  • Use the concept of present value to make decisions about costs and benefits that come in the future

III.  Discussion:  Time Value of Money- Macroeconomics 4.3

A.  The Concept of Present Value

  1. Borrowing, Lending, and Interest
  2. Defining Present Value
  3. Using Present Value  PV = FV/(1+i)N
  • B.  Present Value  = Future Value/(1+interest rate)Years

     4. Using Future Value

  • FV = PV x (1 + i)N

IV.  Classwork: on iLearn

  • 24.2 Show formulas & Work – Submit on Google Classroom
  • on iLearn Module 24 Questions
Mar 23

AP Macro – 3/24/2020


I.  Bellwork-Submit to Google Classroom

  • P231 MC 1-5 & FRQ#2

II. Objectives

  • Identify the functions of money
  • Explain the various roles money plays and the many forms it takes in the economy
  • Describe how the amount of money in the economy is measured

III.  Discussion:The Definition and measurement of Money pgs 232-236

IV.  Classwork  Q&A – Submit to Google Classroom

  • 23.1 & 23.3 on iLearn
Mar 23

Government – 3/24/2020

Everything is due before Thursday 3/26/2020.

Make sure you do all the work and submit assignments correctly to Google Classroom: How to submit an assignment on Google Classroom

I. Current Events – Submit these to Google Classroom on a single Google Doc

A. Partisan outrage erupts in the Senate as coronavirus stimulus bill fails for a second time

Summarize what is happening to the bill, explain the problems, and what needs to occur. (A summary is 4-6 sentences with support)

B. Where does Gov. Whitmer get the power for drastic measures related to coronavirus?

  1. Explain each of the acts mentioned in the article where the Governor derives here power.
  2. What happens if the emergency lasts more than 28 days?
  3. When have these emergency act been used before?
  4. Explain if you agree with her action.

II. iLearn Chapter 4 Section 1 Questions – Due by Before Thursday

Mar 23

Government – 3/23/2020

I. Chapter Quiz at 11:00 am on iLearn. Closes at 11:45am today

II. Objectives:

  • Define federalism and explain why the Framers chose this system.
  • Identify powers delegated to and denied to the National Government, and powers reserved for and denied to the States.
  • Explain the difference between exclusive and concurrent powers.
  • Examine the Constitution as “the supreme Law of the Land.”

III. Classwork Chapter 4 Section 1 – Federalism pages 94-102

A. Questions are on Google Classroom – Due Wednesday at noon

  • Read pages 94-102 on the iLearn book to answer the questions
  • Chapter 4.1 Powerpoint is available on iLearn