Jan 12

Economics – 1/13/2020

I. Economics 3rd and 4th Period

A. Final Exam Response Questions – Today

B. Final Exam Multiple Choice – Tomorrow (review on iLearn)

II. Economics 6th Period

A. Precision Exam – Today

B. Final Exam Response Questions – Tomorrow

C. Final Exam Multiple Choice – Friday (review on iLearn)

Jan 10

Economics – 1/10/2020

I.  Bellwork on iLearn

II.  Objectives:

  • Review and discuss topics covered on the final exam.
  • Analyze economic problems and construct written responses which explain the issues and provide accurate solutions

III. Turn in Your Books on Monday or receive a $80 delinquency’

IV.  What to study:

A.  Final Exam Review Sheet on iLearn

B.  Economics – Post Test  on iLearn

C.  Create and label graph – identify surplus, shortage & equilibrium

Equilibrium picture 2
Equilibrium picture

V.  Classwork

A.  Construct a graph to illustrate cost-push inflation

B.  Construct a graph to illustrate demand -pull inflation

C. Draw the table below and construct the graph label equilibrium quantity and price

D.  Draw a simple supply and demand graph and explain where a price ceiling would be located and who benefits from it.

E. Draw a simple supply and demand graph and explain where a price floor would be located and who benefits from it.

F.  Explain a deficit and how it can be corrected.

G.  Use a diagram to provide an example of trade-offs and an opportunity cost and explain the process.

H.  Some people have argued that the reported unemployment rate actually understates the extent of unemployment. Explain this reasoning and provide examples for support.

VI.  Exam:   Monday –     Questions and graphs

                   Tuesday –  Multiple Choice

Jan 09

Economics – 1/09/2020

 I.  Bellwork:  Question & Answers

Please, can someone brief the president on the unemployment rate?

A.  What statement did President Trump make about unemployment?

B.  Explain what the problem is with this statement.

II.  Objectives

  • discuss and examine the causes and resulting types of unemployment
  • apply fiscal policy to the cycles of the economy
  • Identify a claim statement, cite evidence and the reasoning used based upon reading and discussion of an excerpt on outsourcing.

III.  Discussion/Notes

A. Unemployment

B Types of Unemployment

C.  Flash Cards – Labor Force

D.  Unemployment Game Show

IV.  Classwork

A.  Page 375 Q&A 2-8

Jan 08

Economics – 1/08/2020

I.  Bellwork:

A. Explain each and provide an example of:

  1. Demand Pull Inflation
  2. Cost Push Inflation

II. Objectives

  • Analyze the circumstances behind the various type of inflation that have occurred over  time.
  • Provide an accurate summary that makes clear the relationships among the key details and ideas.

III. Discussion  13-2 Inflation

IV.  Classwork

  • Page 361 11 Terms
  • Page 367 Q&A 2 & 5-7
Jan 06

Economics – 1/07/2020

I  .Bellwork: Questions & Answers

Inflation Rate Graph
  1. What is the topic of the graph?
  2. What do the x-axis and y-axis represent?
  3. What are some observations you can make based on the graph?
  4. What do you believe may happen in 2015? Explain.

II.  Objective:

  • Identify how inflation is measured, the causes of inflation, and its impact on the economy.
  • Differentiate between the types and causes of inflation through discussion and construction of thinking maps.

III.  Discuss 13-2 Inflation pages 361-367

IV.  Notebook Work

Inflation Cause and Effect

V.  Classwork

VI.  Small Quiz on iLearn – Business Cycle

Jan 05

Economics – 1/06/2020

I.  Bellwork:  Business Week News Clip Page 346 

A. Summarize the article. ( 3-4 sentences)

  1. What words or phrases express the author’s point of view?
  2. Do you believe income inequality is a problem in our society?  Explain why or why not.

II.  Objective

  • Analyze the stages in the business cycle, their impact on the economy, and fiscal and monetary policies used  by government to smooth periods of rapid growth and decline to achieve economic objectives.
  • Explain and identify  the stages of the business cycle and events leading up to and following the Great Depression.
  • Evaluate an author’s premises, claims, and evidence by corroborating or challenging them with other information.

III. Videos – watch this

IV.  Notebook –Copy and label the figure below

 V.  Classwork- Everything is due today (half off tomorrow) No time to waste

  • Page 353 Vocabulary (12)  
  • Page 359 – Q&A   2, 3 & 5
Dec 20

Economics – 12/20/19

I. Bellwork

Explain the difference between Nominal and Real GDP?

II. Objectives:

  • Explain and calculate the  difference between Nominal and Real GDP
  • Analyze Nominal and Real GDP to determine which provides a more accurate measure of productivity

III. Final Exam Review Sheet on iLearn – stop @ page 22

IV. Classwork

iLearn Chapter 12 Folder – Activity 11.3

Dec 19

Accounting – 12/20/19

I.  Bellwork

A. What are the classifications (3)  of the accounts listed on the balance sheet?

B. What is the formula for updating the capital account on the balance sheet?

II.  Objectives:

  • Prepare a balance sheet for a service business organized as a proprietorship.
  • Interpret information from a worksheet to construct a balance sheet in accordance with GAAP

III.  Classwork on Aplia

  • 7-2 Working Together and On Your Own
  • 7-2 Application Problem
Dec 16

Economics – 12/17/19

I.  Bellwork:

  • On Google Classroom

II.  Objective:

  • Identify and discuss the criteria necessary for a good or service to be included in GDP or GNP.
  • Provided various scenarios explain whether the good or service should included in GDP or GNP.

III.  Discussion 

A,  Financial Transactions & Transfer Payments

B.  GDP per capita

IV.  Participation

  1.  GDP Identification on iLearn – Chapter 12 folder

V.  Classwork

  A.  For each of the following explain  if the good or service would be included or excluded from the GDP and GNP of the United States?

  1. Baking a cake for your mother
  2. Clothes bought at a resale shop
  3. Limousine service for homecoming
  4. Money from illegal gambling
  5. A McDonalds in France
  6. A car made in Detroit and sold in Canada
  7. A processor to make a new computer
  8. The U.S. Gov’t buying a Russian helicopte
  9. A German engineer firm operating in the U.S.r

VI.  Quiz Thursday