Nov 14

Accounting – 11/15/19

I. Bellwork Q&A

Q1: What careers are you interested in pursuing?

Q2: In addition to providing income, what else might a job provide?

Q3: How do you feel about paying part of your paycheck to government in taxes?

II. Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to…

• Analyze relationships between education, training, and earnings

• Examine the different deductions that come out of a paycheck that determines net pay

• Explain the content and purpose of standard tax forms

• Identify other types of income that can supplement wages or a salary

• Investigate benefits such as health insurance contributions, FSAs, HSAs retirement benefits, leave, life insurance,and disability

III. Classwork 

Budget Challenge -Quiz (CW7) Data Protection

EverFi Lesson 2: Income and Employment

Nov 14

AP Economics – 11/15/19

I.  Bellwork: Page 640 – FRQ

  • 1a & 1b

III.  Objectives:

  • Collaborate and  review topics related to monopolies (unregulated) and natural monopolies (regulated)
  • Construct, analyze, and interpret graphs for monopolies to determine the profit maximizing level, price, total revenue, total cost, and profit

III.  Test Tuesday – Sections 58-63

IV.  Classwork on iLearn:

  • Monopoly Questions Module 61-63 due today
Nov 14

Economics – 11/15/19

I.  Bellwork

Chapter 7 - China Smog

Questions & Answers

  1. What is happening in the picture? (Not a fire.)
  2. Who is impacted?
  3. How are they impacted?
  4. Why do you believe this is being allowed?

II.  Objective:

  • Identify common circumstances related to market failures and the impact externalities have on society.
  • Evaluate various explanations for actions or events and determine which explanation best accords with textual evidence
  • Determine central ideas of a text and analyze their development over the course of the text, including how they interact and build on one another to provide a complex analysis;

III.  Retakes Tuesday after school (I leave at 3:20)

IV.  Video & Discussion

A. Externalities

B. Externalities: When Is a Potato Chip Not Just a Potato Chip?

V.  Notebook Work/Discussion:

A. Tree Map: Causes of Market Failures-Pgs 180-181

B. Distinguish between a positive and negative externality

C. Identify methods the government uses to discourage negative externalities and encourage positive externalities

D. Provide examples of a positive externalities  and explain how they impact 3rd party positively.

E. Provide examples of a negative externalities  and explain how they impact 3rd parties negatively.

VI.  Classwork

  • Page 179 Vocabulary (7)
  • P 183 2-6 Q&A
Nov 14

Economics – 11/14/19

I  Bellwork: Q&A

  • MLA Heading on separate sheet of paper.
  • Heading: Chapter 6 Test – ODD or EVEN

  II Objective:

  • Chapter 6 Assessment:  Analyze and interpret how prices change through the interaction of buyers and sellers in the market and the impact of price controls
  • Write arguments to support claims in an analysis of substantive topics or texts, using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence

III. Turn in Chapter 6 Review Sheet

IV. Chapter 6 Test

  • Constructive response
  • Selective response
Nov 14

AP Economics – 11/14/19

I.  Bellwork:  Graph for a Natural Monopoly

  • Page 629 #2

II. Objectives

  • Explain the meaning of Price Discrimination
  • Discuss why price discrimination is common when producers have market power

III.  Price Discrimination Read  pages 630-635

IV.  Classwork

  • P635 1-2 and 1-5
  • P636 #2

V.  Test Tuesday

Nov 14

Accounting – 11/14/19

I.  Bellwork

  • Budget Challenge

II.  Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to…

  • Examine the functions, services, and products offered at various financial institutions
  • Compare the costs and benefits of select banking products
  • Demonstrate how to open and effectively use a checking and savings account
  • Monitor and reconcile bank statements to their personal records
  • Explain how investing can be used as part of a long-term financial strategy

III.  Classwork

Registration Code:  e34bd4fb

Lesson 1: Banking Basics

Grades below 70% will not be recorded so you will need to redo it

IV.  Scholarship Money: 

If you complete one lesson in Venture or EverFi Financial Literacy (~20-40 minutes), You can enter Fifth Third’s scholarship contest.and some of the others offered below:

Nov 11

Economics – 11/13/19

I Bellwork  Supreme Court Rejects Rent Control Challenge

  1. Explain the reasoning used by those against rent control.
  2. Explain the reasoning used by those supporting rent control.
  3. What factors did the Supreme Court take into consideration and what was the basis for their decision?  Do you agree? Explain.

II.   Objectives:

  • Analyze and provide examples of how price controls are practiced and their impact.
  • Identify the impact resulting from changes in Demand and Supply on equilibrium Price and Quantity
  • Integrate and evaluate various graphic models in order to address a question or solve a problem.

III.  Review & Discuss Chapter 6 Concepts

IV.  Chapter 6 Test Tomorrow

Nov 11

AP Economics – 11/13/19

I.  Bellwork:  on iLearn

II.  Objectives:

Discuss monopoly inefficiencies

Construct, analyze, and interpret graphs for monopolies to determine the consumer surplus, producer surplus,and deadweight loss resulting from inefficiency

III.  Discussion:  

  • Review Pages 628-629
  • Homework

IV.  Notebook:  

A.  Monopolies are inefficient because they…

  1. Charge a higher price
  2. Don’t produce enough
    • Not allocatively efficiency
  3. Produce at higher costs
    • Not productively efficiency

B.  Figure 62.1 page 624

C.  Dealing with Monopolies

V.  Classwork:

Worksheet 4.2 in Module 62 Folder on iLearn

Page 628 Check Your Understanding #1-2

Nov 11

Accounting – 11/13/19

I. Objectives:

  • Apply accounting terminology and practices/procedures used in cash controls on the exam
  • Interpret and analyze financial information to record journal entries, establish and replenish petty cash, and prepare a bank reconciliation.

II.  Chapter 5 Test


Multiple Choice on iLearn

Nov 10

Accounting – 11/11/19

I.   Bellwork: on ILearn

II.  Objectives

  • Synthesize information from source documents to prepare a bank reconciliation resolving conflicting information when possible.
  • Review accounting terminology and practices/procedures used in cash controls to prepare for the exam

III. Classwork

  • Recycle Problem 5R
  • Chapter 5 Review on MindTap

IV,  Chapter 5 Exam tomorrow