Current Events



Current Events Around the Globe

Click on the different spots on the globe to read and hear audio of a current event from NPR

Student News Daily

Provides comprehension and critical thinking questions along with published news articles and other current events items from established news organizations.

Know the News TV

The games and tools at will let you know TV news in a new way. Compare news coverage from around the world, test your knowledge of how news is shaped, and shape some yourself.

CNN Student News
Features news videos, transcripts, maps, learning activities, questions and newsquiz.

Dougal Littell Current Events
Provides links to news stories as well as World History, Economics, and Geography throughout the world.  No videos. A good, but short weekly current events quiz is provided.

The New York Times Learning Network
This site includes news summaries, articles, lesson plans, crosswords and other activities.

Parade Classroom
A wide variety of student activities and sheets are provided to be used with teaching students newspaper and reading skills.  Lesson plans are also posted along with an archive.  This site also has a weekly news quiz which can be taken online or printed.

Quotes of the Day by Time and CNN
A slide show of daily quotes and photos from people in the news



Activity Sheets


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