Jan 09

Accounting – 1/10/2020

I.  Bellwork

  • .Page 237 Q&A 1-2 Show your work

II.  Objective:

  • Analyze, Interpret, Journalize transactions in accordance to GAAP

III.  Final Days

  • Part 1 on Tuesday – Multiple Choice
  • Part 2 on Wednesday – Journal Entries &  Financial Statement??

IV.  Review for Final

  • Practice Journal Entries on iLearn
  • Multiple Choice on iLearn

V.  Finish all Mindtap and EverFi work

Jan 09

Accounting – 1/09/2020

I. Bellwork Page 222

  • Q&A 1-3

II.  Objectives

  • Prepare a post-closing trial balance in accordance to GAAP
  • Create a sequence map based upon information in the text to explain the steps required to correctly prepare a post-closing trial balance

III.  Discussion/Notebook

  Recording Closing Entries p. 223-230

IV.  Notebook

  • Sequence map – Preparing a Post Closing Trial Balance 8-Steps

V.  Classwork

A.  Page 230

  • Working Together 8-2  & On Your Own 8-2
  • Application Problem 8-2
Jan 07

Accounting – 1/08/2020

 I.  Bellwork

  • Page 217 Critical Thinking 1-2 Q&A

II. Objectives

  • Journalize and post closing entries for a service business organized as a proprietorship
  • Explain the need for post-closing entries and demonstrate the process.

III.  Discussion/Notebook

A   Recording Closing Entries p. 214

  • Accounting Cycle
  • Permanent & Temporary Accounts
  • Matching Expenses with Revenue – Closing Entries
  • Income Summary Account – Closing Revenue & Expenses
  • Capital Account – Closing Income Summary & Drawing

IV.   Classwork

  • Page 222 Working Together 8-1 & On Your Own  – manually & on MindTap
  • 8-1 Application Problem- Mindtap
Jan 06

Accounting – 1/07/2020

I.  Objectives

  • Apply terminology and concepts related to income statements and balance sheets
  • Interpret information from a worksheet and construct financial statements (I/S an B/S) in accordance with GAAP

II. Chapter 7 Exam – on iLearn

A. Multiple Choice

B. Income Statement and Balance Sheet

Jan 05

Accounting – 1/06/2020

I.  Bellwork

  • Page 205 Q&A 1-2

II.  Objectives

  • Review terminology and concepts related to income statements and balance sheets
  • Interpret information from a worksheet and construct financial statements in accordance with GAAP

III.  Test Tomorrow

IV. Classwork

  • Page D-7  Recycle Problem
  • Review Sheet on Aplia

Dec 18

Accounting – 12/19/19

I. Bellwork   Q&A

Explain how each (3) of the  percentages of sales ratios on the income statement are calculated. Use words and formulas. (What is in the numerator and denominator?)

II. Objectives:

  • Prepare a balance sheet for a service business organized as a proprietorship.
  • Interpret information from a worksheet to construct a balance sheet in accordance with GAAP

III.  Section 7.2 Balance Sheet

  • Heading of a Balance sheet
  • Components of a Balance Sheet
  • Formatting of a balance Sheet
  • Determining the Capital Balance
    • Old Capital Balance – Drawing + Net Income or -(Net Loss) = New Capital Balance

IV.  Classwork : On Google Sheets

7-2 Working Together and On Your Own

Dec 17

Accounting – 12/18/19

I. Bellwork: On iLearn

II. Objectives

  • Differentiate the negative and positive aspects of an online community. 
  • Identify methods to engage with others online in a respectful manner. 
  • Describe the potential consequences of spending a lot of time online. 

III. Classwork

EverFi Ignition – Digital Wellness & Safety

Registrations Code:  094aec85
Finish Lesson 1 – Connections & Community

Start Lesson 2 – Safety & Privacy
Remember your score of the last EverFi assignment and don’t blow this off