Dec 15

Accounting – 12/16/19

I.  Bellwork

  • page 189 Critical Thinking 1-2 Q&A

II. Objectives:

  • Prepare and income statement for a service business
  • calculate and analyze financial ratios using income statement accounts

III.  Discussion/Notebook

  • Heading of an Income Statement p 192.
  • Revenue Expenses & Net Income p. 194
  • Analyzing an Income Statement p. 195
  • Two Sources of Revenue p. 197

IV.  Classwork:  

Decimal to Percentage – on iLearn

Google classroom on Google Sheets

  • 7-1 Working Together
  • 7-1  On Your Own p. 198
  • 7-1 Application Problem p. 208
Dec 13

Accounting – 12/13/19

I. Bellwork:  On Google Classroom 

II. Objectives:

  • Analyze the relationship between cost of education versus return on investment 
  • Compare costs of various higher education options 
  • Analyze costs beyond tuition associated with postsecondary education and training institutions
  •  Identify common types of risks and basic risk management methods 
  • Explain the role insurance can play in a risk management strategy

III. Classwork EverFi
(Summative total grade)

  • Financing Higher Education
  • Insurance

You should be finished with the entire module by the end of today

Dec 12

Accounting – 12/12/19

I. Bellwork:  On Google Classroom – submit it there

II. Objectives

  • Assess the quality of sources when researching products to buy
  • Analyze the costs and benefits of renting vs. owning
  • Apply strategies for making informed decisions when purchasing consumer goods
  •  Understand the reason for using debt to finance purchases
  • Compare and select credit cards based on features and impact to personal financial plan 
  • Describe how credit repayment affects the cost of borrowing

III. Classwork:

EverFi (Summative total grade)

  • Consumer Skills
  • Managing Credit and Debt

You should complete the entire Program by the end of class Friday

Dec 10

Accounting – 12/11/19

I. Bellwork:  Budget Challenge 

  • Pay Bills & Update Spreadsheet

 II. Objectives:

  • Reflect upon the topics covered in the budget challenge and how they will impact your financial decisions in the future.
  • Assess retention of concepts and skills related to person finance through Post Simulation Assessments
  • Maintain and update spreadsheet recording bank account activity.

 III. Classwork

A. Submit your Budget Challenge Spreadsheet on Google Classroom – It should be complete. 

B.. Finish all the Review Quizzes (3).  – Everything Closes on 12/12/19

Dec 09

Accounting – 12/10/19

I. Objectives:

  • Complete a worksheet using proper procedures, making adjustments, and determining Net income or loss
  • Apply knowledge of accounting terminology and concepts related to worksheet preparation

III.  Chapter 6 Exam:  On iLearn

  • Completing a Worksheet
  • Multiple Choice and T/F

IV. Tomorrow – Finish all Budget Challenge

V. Thursday – Friday Finish EverFi

Dec 08

Accounting – 12/09/19

I. Bellwork: On iLearn

II. Objectives:

• Complete a worksheet using proper procedures, making adjustments, and determining Net income/loss

• Evaluate various explanations for actions or events and determine which explanation best accords with textual evidence, acknowledging where the text leaves matters uncertain.

III. Chapter 6 Test Tomorrow

IV. Classwork:

A Recycle Problem D-6 At the end of the textbook

• Complete and turn in the worksheet

B. 6M Randomized Practice on MindTap

Dec 05

Accounting – 12/06/19

I. Bellwork: Pay Bills & Update Spreadsheet

II. Objectives:

  • Explain how Direct student loan proceeds are disbursed.
  • Understand how to get a Direct federal student loan.
  • Evaluate the consequences of student loan delinquency and default.
  • Distinguish between revolving and term loans.
  • Compare and contrast fixed and variable rate loans.
  • Understand the benefits and drawbacks of credit cards.
  • Identify other costs associated with a mortgage

III. Turn in Homework

IV. Classwork

Take Quizzes

  • (CW9) Personal Income Taxes and Forms
  • (CW8) Investments

V. Homework: MindTap Mastery Problem 9M

VI. Chapter 6 Test Tuesday

Dec 04

Accounting – 12/05/19

I. Bellwork

Page 182 – Explore Accounting:  Fiscal Periods

  • Make your recommendation and support it with your explanation.

II.  Objectives:

  • Complete a worksheet using proper procedures, making adjustments, and determining Net income/loss
  • Compare and contrast net income and net loss through class discussion, text information and construction of a double bubble
  • Discuss the importance of choosing a fiscal period that is based upon cycles in a business.

IV.  Class work:

  • 6M Pages 184-185
  • Additional Worksheet (Net Loss) on Google Classroom
Dec 03

Accounting – 12/04/19

I.  Bellwork On Google Classroom

II.  Objectives

  • Journalize and post the adjusting entries for supplies and prepaid insurance.
  • Explain the necessity and the steps in journalizing adjusting entries while completing a sequence map

III.  Discussion/Notebook Work

  • Adjusting entries and why they are necessary
  • Sequence Map

IV.  Classwork:

On MindTap

  • Working Together & On Your Own (p. 179).
  • Application Problem 6-4 (p. 184).
Dec 02

Accounting – 12/03/19

I.   Bellwork Q&A

  1. What classification of accounts are include on the balance sheet columns of the worksheet? (3)
  2.  What classification of accounts are include on the income statement columns of the worksheet? (2)

II. Objectives:

  • Prepare the Balance Sheet and Income Statement columns of a worksheet.
  • Total and rule the worksheet.
  • Follow and apply the steps for finding errors on a worksheet

III. Discussion/Notebook Work

  • Tree Map – Worksheet, Columns & Accounts

IV.  Classwork:

A.  Working Together(p. 175).

B.  Apilia:

  • 6-3 Working Together & On Your Own
  • Application Problem 6-3 (p. 183)