Dec 16

Accounting – 12/17/19

I.  Bellwork   Q&A

  1. What are the two classifications of accounts that are listed on an income statement?
  2. Explain the formula used for determining net income or net loss.

II.  Objectives:

  • Prepare and properly format an income statement for a service business using Google Sheets
  • calculate and analyze financial ratios using income statement accounts
  • Orally describe the parts of an income statement

III. Classwork

A. Decimal to Percentage – on iLearn
B. MindTap

  • Working together and On Your Own
  • 7-1 Application Problem p. 208
Dec 15

Accounting – 12/16/19

I.  Bellwork

  • page 189 Critical Thinking 1-2 Q&A

II. Objectives:

  • Prepare and income statement for a service business
  • calculate and analyze financial ratios using income statement accounts

III.  Discussion/Notebook

  • Heading of an Income Statement p 192.
  • Revenue Expenses & Net Income p. 194
  • Analyzing an Income Statement p. 195
  • Two Sources of Revenue p. 197

IV.  Classwork:  

Decimal to Percentage – on iLearn

Google classroom on Google Sheets

  • 7-1 Working Together
  • 7-1  On Your Own p. 198
  • 7-1 Application Problem p. 208
Dec 13

Accounting – 12/13/19

I. Bellwork:  On Google Classroom 

II. Objectives:

  • Analyze the relationship between cost of education versus return on investment 
  • Compare costs of various higher education options 
  • Analyze costs beyond tuition associated with postsecondary education and training institutions
  •  Identify common types of risks and basic risk management methods 
  • Explain the role insurance can play in a risk management strategy

III. Classwork EverFi
(Summative total grade)

  • Financing Higher Education
  • Insurance

You should be finished with the entire module by the end of today

Dec 12

Accounting – 12/12/19

I. Bellwork:  On Google Classroom – submit it there

II. Objectives

  • Assess the quality of sources when researching products to buy
  • Analyze the costs and benefits of renting vs. owning
  • Apply strategies for making informed decisions when purchasing consumer goods
  •  Understand the reason for using debt to finance purchases
  • Compare and select credit cards based on features and impact to personal financial plan 
  • Describe how credit repayment affects the cost of borrowing

III. Classwork:

EverFi (Summative total grade)

  • Consumer Skills
  • Managing Credit and Debt

You should complete the entire Program by the end of class Friday

Dec 10

Accounting – 12/11/19

I. Bellwork:  Budget Challenge 

  • Pay Bills & Update Spreadsheet

 II. Objectives:

  • Reflect upon the topics covered in the budget challenge and how they will impact your financial decisions in the future.
  • Assess retention of concepts and skills related to person finance through Post Simulation Assessments
  • Maintain and update spreadsheet recording bank account activity.

 III. Classwork

A. Submit your Budget Challenge Spreadsheet on Google Classroom – It should be complete. 

B.. Finish all the Review Quizzes (3).  – Everything Closes on 12/12/19

Dec 09

Accounting – 12/10/19

I. Objectives:

  • Complete a worksheet using proper procedures, making adjustments, and determining Net income or loss
  • Apply knowledge of accounting terminology and concepts related to worksheet preparation

III.  Chapter 6 Exam:  On iLearn

  • Completing a Worksheet
  • Multiple Choice and T/F

IV. Tomorrow – Finish all Budget Challenge

V. Thursday – Friday Finish EverFi

Dec 08

Accounting – 12/09/19

I. Bellwork: On iLearn

II. Objectives:

• Complete a worksheet using proper procedures, making adjustments, and determining Net income/loss

• Evaluate various explanations for actions or events and determine which explanation best accords with textual evidence, acknowledging where the text leaves matters uncertain.

III. Chapter 6 Test Tomorrow

IV. Classwork:

A Recycle Problem D-6 At the end of the textbook

• Complete and turn in the worksheet

B. 6M Randomized Practice on MindTap

Dec 05

Accounting – 12/06/19

I. Bellwork: Pay Bills & Update Spreadsheet

II. Objectives:

  • Explain how Direct student loan proceeds are disbursed.
  • Understand how to get a Direct federal student loan.
  • Evaluate the consequences of student loan delinquency and default.
  • Distinguish between revolving and term loans.
  • Compare and contrast fixed and variable rate loans.
  • Understand the benefits and drawbacks of credit cards.
  • Identify other costs associated with a mortgage

III. Turn in Homework

IV. Classwork

Take Quizzes

  • (CW9) Personal Income Taxes and Forms
  • (CW8) Investments

V. Homework: MindTap Mastery Problem 9M

VI. Chapter 6 Test Tuesday

Dec 04

Accounting – 12/05/19

I. Bellwork

Page 182 – Explore Accounting:  Fiscal Periods

  • Make your recommendation and support it with your explanation.

II.  Objectives:

  • Complete a worksheet using proper procedures, making adjustments, and determining Net income/loss
  • Compare and contrast net income and net loss through class discussion, text information and construction of a double bubble
  • Discuss the importance of choosing a fiscal period that is based upon cycles in a business.

IV.  Class work:

  • 6M Pages 184-185
  • Additional Worksheet (Net Loss) on Google Classroom
Dec 03

Accounting – 12/04/19

I.  Bellwork On Google Classroom

II.  Objectives

  • Journalize and post the adjusting entries for supplies and prepaid insurance.
  • Explain the necessity and the steps in journalizing adjusting entries while completing a sequence map

III.  Discussion/Notebook Work

  • Adjusting entries and why they are necessary
  • Sequence Map

IV.  Classwork:

On MindTap

  • Working Together & On Your Own (p. 179).
  • Application Problem 6-4 (p. 184).