Government – 3/26/2020

I. Objectives:

A.Summarize the obligations that the Constitution places on the National Government with regard to the States

B. Explain the process for admitting new States to the Union.

C. Examine the many and growing areas of cooperative federalism.

II. Read Chapter 4 Section 2 in the textbook on iLearn – PPT Notes are provided

III. CLASSWORK – Everything below needs to be submitted to Google Classroom by Friday 3/27/2020.

I will not answer emails that deal with “I forgot”, “I didn’t know” ,”I was busy” , “I’m just a loser”, etc….

A. Chapter 4.2 Questions on Google Classroom – Submit to Google Classroom

B. NCLB Act Part 1 Questions on Google Classroom – Submit to Google Classroom

I will not spend time hunting for your assignments or looking through my email for them. Submit everything to Google Classroom – unless there are iLearn Questions

How to submit an assignment on Google Classroom

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