Government – 3/24/2020

Everything is due before Thursday 3/26/2020.

Make sure you do all the work and submit assignments correctly to Google Classroom: How to submit an assignment on Google Classroom

I. Current Events – Submit these to Google Classroom on a single Google Doc

A. Partisan outrage erupts in the Senate as coronavirus stimulus bill fails for a second time

Summarize what is happening to the bill, explain the problems, and what needs to occur. (A summary is 4-6 sentences with support)

B. Where does Gov. Whitmer get the power for drastic measures related to coronavirus?

  1. Explain each of the acts mentioned in the article where the Governor derives here power.
  2. What happens if the emergency lasts more than 28 days?
  3. When have these emergency act been used before?
  4. Explain if you agree with her action.

II. iLearn Chapter 4 Section 1 Questions – Due by Before Thursday

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