Oct 25

Accounting 10/26/07

5-1 Objectives

· Define accounting terms related to posting from a general journal to a general ledger.

· Identify accounting concepts and practices related to posting from a general journal to a general ledger.

· Prepare a chart of accounts for a service business organized as a proprietorship.

I. Bell Work:

A.  Pg 100 Terms (5) & 1-2 Q & A -10 minutes

II.  5-1 Preparing a Chart of Accounts

A.  Read and Discuss pgs 96-99

1. Relationship of a T-Account to an Account Form

2. Chart of Accounts

3. Account Numbers

4. Opening an Account


A) 3-8 WB pgs. 65-66

B) pgs. 113 5-1 WB pg 77

Oct 25

Keyboarding 10/25/07


  • To learn to use the Tab key to indent paragraphs.
  • To improve and check keying speed.

I.  Bellwork

A. Type Pg 50 18C (15 minutes)

II.  Notebook Work

A.  Answer the following questions based on the chart 

  Occupation Information 

1.  What does this chart show?

2.  Which occupation has the largest projected change in employment?

3.  Which occupation has the largest average annual earnings?

4.  Which occupation has the smallest average annual earnings?

III.  Classwork

A.  Lesson 19 – Learn TAB Key

Oct 24

Accounting 10/25/07


· Identify accounting concepts and practices related to journalizing transactions.
· Analyze and record transactions in a general journal.

I.  Bellwork

A.  Explain what is the Objective Evidence accounting concept.

II.  Notebook Work

A.  Cases for Critical Thinking pg 91 Q & A

III.  Quick Review

IV.  Chapter 4 Test

Oct 24

Computer Applications 10/25/07


  • enter and edit data in worksheet
  • use formulas to perform calculations
  • apply cell formatting such as cell borders patterns and color
  • I.  Bellwork

    A.  Using Excel determine the value for each formula

    1. =4+14*5+8
    2. =(4+14)*(10+8)
    3. =10+16/2
    4. =(10+16)/2
    5. =10^2+5

    II.  Classwork

    A.  Exercise 8 Pages 252

    B.  Micro Type Pro Lesson E

    III.  Turn in Your Notebook

    IV.  Spreadsheet Vocabulary Test Tomorrow

    Oct 23

    Keyboarding 10/24/07


    • To learn reach technique for CAPS LOCK and ? (question mark).
    • To combine smoothly CAPS LOCK and ? (question mark) with all other learned keys

    I.  Bellwork

    A.  Type Page 49 (15 minutes)

    II.  Notebook Work

    A. Spacing

    1.  How many spaces follow:

    a.  a period .

    b. a colon :

    c.  a semicolon ;

    d.  an exclamation mark !

    e.  a comma ,

    f.  a question mark ?

    III.  Classwork

    A.  Micro Type Pro Print Lessons 13-16 (Check Your Scores First)

    B.  Lesson 18 – Learn CAPS LOCK and ? (question mark).

    Oct 23

    Accounting 10/24/07


    • Analyze and record transactions in a gerneral journal ,

    I.  Bellwork

    A.  What does R represent when used in the general journal as a source document number?

    B.  What type of transaction uses an R as a source document?

    II.  Classwork

    A.  Review for Thursdays Test – Tomorrow

    B.  Recycle Problem C-4

    III.  Turn in your Notebooks

    Oct 22

    Keyboarding 10/23/07

    I.  Bellwork

    A.  Write each sentence and place 3 lines above each letter that should be capitalized.

    1. texas and mexico share the rio grande as a common border.
    2. is thanksgiving day always on thursday?
    3. they went to the sears tower while in chicago.

    II.  Notebook Work

    A. Page 349 (145B)

    1. Read and summarize the main points made in the two paragraphs.  Use 3-5 sentences

    III.  Classwork

    A.  Typing Book Pages 37-38

    B.  Lesson 17 – Learn Z & Colon (:)

    C.  Lessons 13-16 Due Tomorrow