Government – 4/17/2020

There will be important announcements on the blog regarding your grades and course work expectations for the rest of the year. The district has managed to construct a plan and I will be going over it with a Google Hangout at selected times. I will post them on the blog.

Many of you have expressed throughout the year that government isn’t important. I think you would have to be completely clueless to make that statement now. Federalism was a perfect fit for what is currently occurring.

This next assignment is due by Sunday. It is on Google Classroom and deals with political parties. We have an election coming up and understanding parties is important.

I. Objective:

  • Explore the history and basic characteristics of political parties .
  • Distinguish between valid and invalid statements regarding political parties.

II. Classwork

  • Google Classroom iCivics Sheet – Due before Sunday

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