Mar 06

AP Macro – 3/06/2020

I.  Bellwork

The graph above shows the loanable funds market for a country.

a. Assume that now the country’s government increases deficit spending. Explain how the increase in deficit spending will affect the real interest rate.

b. Indicate how the real interest rate change you identified in part (a) will affect investment in plant and equipment.

c. Explain how the real interest rate change you identified in part (a) will affect long-term economic growth.

II Objectives

  • Determine the fiscal policy consistent with counteracting recessionary and inflationary gaps
  • Analyze how government debt impacts the economy
  • Identify how the Federal Reserve uses monetary policy as a means to achieve macroeconomic goals
  • Construct a flow map describing the various monetary policies used by the Fed and their impact on the money supply.

III  ReviewMoney Growth and Inflation- Macro Topic 5.3

IV.  Classwork

ILearn:   5.3- Money Growth and Inflation

Ap Classroom:  Money Growth and Inflation

Mar 06

Government – 3/06/2020

I. Bellwork
 A. Chapter 3.1 Page 73 of book online

Based upon the diagram

  1. What checks does the Executive branch have for the Legislative branch?
  2. What checks does the Judicial branch have for the Executive branch?
  3. What checks does the Legislative branch have for the Executive branch?
  4. How can the Executive branch influence the Judicial branch?

II. Objectives:

  • Analyze a graphic model to determine the checks and balances between the three branches of government
  • Define the six basic principles around  which the Constitution is built.
  • Read the Constitution and identify where  in the document the basic principles are reflected

III. Notebook Work:

Copy the Bellwork diagram Checks & Balances in your Notebook

IV. Classwork

  • Turn in your foldable today –  Put your name & hour on the back (NO EXCUSES)
  • iLearn Section 3.1 Questions due today @ 10:00 pm