AP Economics – 9/12/19

I.   Bellwork – Questions & Answers 1-3

II.  Objectives:

  • Determine what creates demand, identify factors which influence quantity demand, and construct economic models that are used to represent demand.
  • Analyze, interpret, and communicate demand curves and the difference between a change in quantity demand and a change in demand

III. Discussion PPT & Video on iLearn

IV.  Notebook

A.  Create a Brace Map in your Notebook:

  • Conditions necessary for Demand (3)
Components of Demand

C.  Notebook:  Copy- Demand Schedule & Demand Curve – Figure 4.1

D.  View Video: Law of Demand –

Demand Explained

E.  Copy Arrows below in your Notebook:

Quantity Demand Arrows

F.  View Video:   Diminishing Marginal Utility

V.   Classwork

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