Apr 13

Government – 4/13/2020


  • Analyze current event to determine the impact of federalism on stay-at-home orders
  • Research and analyze a Supreme Court decision related to the power states have in relation to Constitutional rights.

II. Work- on Google Classroom

A. Stay-at-Home Order Current Event

B. Supreme Court Case Analysis – Jacobson v. Massachusetts

  1. You will need to do some research and look this case up on the internet. Please use a few different sources and do not just pick the first one that appears. Complete the outline provided on Google Classroom.

Apr 13

AP Economics – 4/13/2020

Put the Bellwork and classwork together and submit to Google Classroom

I.  Bellwork

  • Page 275 FRQ #2

ii.  Objectives:

  • Examine the relations between the money market and loanable funds graph
  • Construct economic models for loanable funds and determine how factors influence the supply, demand, and interest rate of loanable funds.
  • Interpret and explain economic models relating to the loanable funds market

III.  Review:  Money Market vs. Loanable Funds Market- Macro Unit 4.15

IV. Notebook:  P279 Copy & label Figure 29.3

V.  Classwork:

  • 4.7 Loanable Funds Parts 1&2
Apr 02

AP Macro – 4/02/2020


I.  Bellwork

  • Page 267 MC 1-5 & FRQ #2

II.  Objectives:

  • Illustrate the relationship between the demand for money and the interest rate with a graph
  • Identify the causes of a shift in the demand for money and demonstrate the impact graphically

III.  Discussion  – The Demand for Money p 267-273

Macro: Unit 4.2 — The Money Market

A. The Opportunity Cost of Holding Money

B. The Money Demand Curve

C. Shifts of the Money Demand Curve – Notebook

  1. Changes in the Aggregate Price Level
  2. Changes in Real GDP
  3. Changes in Technology
  4. Changes in Institutions

D .Liquidity Preference Model of the Interest Rate

IV.  Classwork:  4.2 Money Market Practice on iLearn

V.  Homework:  Module 28 Questions on iLearn

Apr 02

Government – 4/02/2020

I. Objectives:

  • Research and analyze Supreme courts cases which impact state compacts
  • Explain why States make interstate compacts.
  • Understand the purpose of the Full Faith and Credit Clause.
  • Describe the Extradition Clause and explain its purpose.
  • Explain the purpose of the Privileges and Immunities Clause.

II. Classwork

A. Quiz on Chapter 4 Sections 1 & 2 at 11:00 am on Friday. Set your alarm for 10am, do not email me if you forget.

  • Review the iLearn questions you have done for each section.

B. Google Classroom Questions for Chapter 4 Section 3 due Before Saturday

(Don’t cheat – I have given a number of zeros) I know you are busy making tik-tok videos and creating a cure for the virus, but take a few minutes and learn something.

Apr 01

Government – 4/01/2020


  • Utilize internet resources to gather information about the state and local government.

Classwork to SUBMIT ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM – I will not grade anything sent to my e-mail which includes:

  • Work you submitted, then I graded, then you decided to do it correctly and send it to me again.
  • Work past the due date to avoid Google classroom marking it late.


Apr 01

AP Macro – 4/01/2020


I.  Bellwork

  • Page 260 FRQ #2 Q&A

II.  Objectives:

  • Describe the functions of the Federal Reserve System
  • Explain the primary tools the Federal Reserve uses to influence the economy

III.  Discussion:   The Federal Reserve System pages 261-265

A.  The Functions of the Federal Reserve System

  • Pgs. 261-262  Brace Map – Functions of the Fed

B.   How the Fed performs its functions

IV.  Participation

Monetary Policy Flash Cards

V.  Classwork/Homework