Apr 27

AP Economics – 4/27/2020

I. AP Testing Information

Some of you need to check your email from AP and complete the survey they sent you weeks ago

A. Review other important information below:


II.  Objectives:

  • Use the aggregate supply curve to illustrate the relationship between the aggregate price level and the quantity of aggregate output supplied in the economy
  • Identify the factors can shift the aggregate supply curve
  • Explain why the aggregate supply curve is different in the short run from in the long run

III.  Discuss: Video Assignment Updated on i Learn

IV.  Aggregate Demand:  Introduction & Determinants pages 180-191

A,  Aggregate Supply – Clifford

B.  Short-run Aggregate Supply

  • Wages and Resource Prices WILL NOT increase as price levels increase.

C,  Noteboook:  Factors that shift Short-Run Aggregate Supply and Graphs (Page 185)

D,  Long-run Aggregate Supply

  • Wages and Resource Prices WILL increase as price levels increase.

V.  Classwork – Submit to Google Classroom

  • Page 178-179 Tackle the Test 1-5 & p. 171 #2 – Due Wednesday
  • 3.2 Aggregate supply Practice on iLearn – Due Wednesday
  • 18.1 & 18.3  on iLearn – Due on Friday
Apr 27

Government – 4/27-5/01/2020


  • Examine the history of the electoral college
  • Explain the arguments for and against the electoral college
  • Develop and state an opinion with supporting evidence regarding the validity of the electoral college
  • Interpret and explain political cartoons with emphasis on symbolism


4/27 Work due 4/29 – Google Classroom

  • For and Against Sheet on Google Classroom – You will need to watch a video and read and article which are on

4/29 Work Due 5/01

  • Political Cartoon Assignment on Google Classroom – Select any 4 provided
  • On iLearn Electoral College Video & Questions – They are on the video