Mar 15

AP Macro – 3/16/2020

I.  Bellwork: Q&A – TAKE A PICTURE OR SCAN AND SEND IT TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM – Some of you now need to correct your poor handwriting.

Why Panic-Prone Emerging Markets Are Breaking Down In 2014

1.Why does the article say that the markets are breaking down?

2. How does this impact economic growth?

II.  Objectives:

  • Discuss the factors that explain why long-run growth rates differ so much among countries
  • Explain the challenges to growth posed by scarcity of natural resources, environmental degradation, and efforts to make growth sustainable

III.  Notebook/Discussion – Copy Graph

IV.  Discussion:  Growth Policy page 384-392

A,  Growth Rate Differences

  1. Physical Capital – Where does the money originate?
  2. Human Capital – Ways to support it.
  3. Technology – R&D

B.  How Government Prompts Economic Growth

  1. Physical capital – Infrastructure
  2. Human Capital – Education
  3. Technology –
  4. Stability, Property Rights, Eliminate restrictions

C.  Sustainability of Long Run Economic Growth

D.  Economic Growth and the Environment

  • pollution, greenhouse gases, global warming, negative externalizes

V.  Classwork

  • iLearn Ch 38 & 39 Questions
Mar 15

Government – 3/16/2020

Learning Objectives

  •  Given a national issue, balance competing interests to create a law.
  •  Simulate the law-making process of the U.S. Congress.
  •  Make connections between the text of an amendment and the values it represents.
  •  Evaluate cause and effect relationships.

A.  Law Crafter Game – Assignments- Due by Thursday (5% deduction each day late) There are two parts- It will be beneficial to have the questions below available while you play the game

  • Law Crafters – Go to Google Classroom
  • Read directions on how to play and practice.  (my 7th grade daughter did it in 25 minutes)
  • You will need to play the game two times.  Once as a Democrat and again as a Republican.
  • Save the certificates once you complete the game to your Google Drive.
  • The submit them both to Google Classroom.

Some of you who claim it doesn’t run on your computer will need to download Adobe FlashPlayer  So that it will work.

B.  Law Crafter Worksheet – Look at this while you are playing the game

  • The worksheet is on Google Classroom
  • Use Google Docs to copy the questions and answer them
  • Submit your Google Doc to Google Classroom once completed