Mar 11

Government – 3/12/2020

I. Bellwork

on iLearn: Amendment 4 square

II. Objectives

  • Identify ways in which basic legislation has affected our interpretation of the Constitution
  • Explore the ways in which the actions of the executive and judicial branches have influenced the meaning of the  Constitution.
  • Analyze how political parties and custom have influenced the interpretation of the constitution

III. Discussion/Notebook Chapter 3 Section 3 pages 85-88
 A. Means of Change

  • Basic Legislation –  2 examples
  • Executive Action  – 2 examples
  • Court Decisions  – 2 examples
  • Party Practices  – 2 examples
  • Custom & Usage  – 2 examples

America 101: What is the Cabinet? | History

IV. Classwork

  • 3-3 Questions on iLearn

V. Project Discussion
A. Bill of Rights Poster Board – Due Tuesday

  • Bill of Rights and drawn illustrations representing each of the Amendments
  • Neatly Written – Organized – Eye Appealing – Pertinent illustrations
  • On a large Poster Board
Mar 11

AP Macro – 3/12/2020

I.  Bellwork

A.  Annual economic growth hits 3 percent, defying predictions of Trump critics

Summarize the article explaining its significance, what it is attributed to, and the  critics responses.

B. Page 372 FRQ #2

II.  Objectives:

  • Illustrate changes in productivity using an aggregate production function
  • Discuss how growth has varied among several important regions of the world and explain why the convergence hypothesis applies to economically advanced countries

III.  Discussion: Productivity and Growth Pgs. 373-382


  • Aggregate production function:  Tech x Physical capital per worker x Human capital per worker
  • Diminishing Returns to physical capital
  • Economic Freedom Quality of Life [MIRROR]
  • Natural resources impact on economic growth
  • Economic growth disparity (East Asia, Latin America, & Africa)

IV.  Classwork:  Due today

A.  Questions:

  1. Explain diminishing returns to physical capital and provide an example of how it can occur. 2pts
  2. P.378  FYI Explain the information technology paradox and how it is resolved. 2pts
  3. P.381 FYI Explain the Convergence hypothesis.  the problem with the theory, and why conditional convergence is needed. 3pts

B.   MC page 382-383 MC 1-5

C.  P383 FRQ #2 a, b, c, & d (Draw a graph for each question with a small explanation) Watch video below

V.  Summative Classwork/Homework: 

A.  Select the link:

  1. Read and follow the directions on how to play the game.
  2. When you win, hit CTRL & PRTSC to copy the screen.
  3. Paste it on a Google document
  4. Type a paragraph 6-8 sentences about the decisions you had to make, your strategy, and any problems you encountered. – 3 handwritten
  5. Print it off or email it to me.

1.  Scoring: 10 summative

  • Successful completing and copy of the screen. 5 pts
  • Typed Paragraph (6-8 sentences) about the decisions you had to make, your strategy, and any difficulties you encountered while playing the simulation. 5 pts
  • If you are not successful, you will lose 3 points and still need to to everything mentioned above

C.  Homework – Formative 10 pts

Find an article on quantitative easing.  Describe it, determine why and how it is used. Explain its benefits and drawbacks. provide your opinion on its use, include a link to the article – 6-8 sentence

Mar 11

Government – 3/11/2020

I. Bellwork

A. If you had a choice, who should have the power to amend the US Constitution – just over 50% of the American people, or five out of nine US Supreme Court Justices? Explain.

 B. Explain an amendment that you would like to add to the Constitution

II.  Objectives:

  • Explain the structure, function, and powers of the U.S. government as established in the Constitution 
  • Identify the roles of the three branches of government 
  • Describe the constitutional amendment process  
  • Interpret the intentions of the Preamble of the Constitution

III.  Classwork

Anatomy of the Constitution on iLearn & Worksheet

IV.  Quiz Chapter 3.1 & 3.2