Nov 25

Accounting – 11/26/19

I.  Bellwork

  • Budget Challenge Quiz and Check

II Objectives:

  • Analyze and explain the adjustments for supplies and prepaid insurance.
  • Explain and create a sequence map demonstrating the four questions to ask  when recording adjusting entries on a worksheet
  • Apply the proper procedures to record and complete the Adjustments columns of a worksheet.

III.  Discussion/Notebook Work

  • Matching Revenue with Expenses & Accrual basis accounting
  • Need for Adjustments
  • Four Questions Map
  • Formula for determining adjustments to Supplies & Prepaid Insurance

IV.   Classwork:

  • Working Together & On Your Own (p. 168).
  • Application Problem 6-2 (p. 183)
  • Aplia: 6-2 OYO & Working Together
Nov 25

AP Economics – 11/26/19

I. Bellwork Page 665

  • Multiple Choice 1-5 Letter and Answer

II.  Objectives

  • Determine the prices and profits in both in the short run and the long run for Monopolistic Competition
  • Construct and interpret graphs for short run and the long run monopolistic competition
  • .Compare long run equilibrium on Perfect competition to long run equilibrium in Monopolistic Competition

III. Review Yesterday’s Work

IV. Discussion Module 67

V  Classwork

  • Worksheet 67.2 & 67.3 on iLearn

VI.  Homework

  • on iLearn Section 67 Monopolistic Competition
Nov 25

Economics – 11/26/19

I.  Bellwork: On iLearn

II.  Objectives:

§  Given various scenarios distinguish between progressive, regressive, and proportional taxes

§  Identify and classify taxes as progressive, regressive, and proportional according to the methods implemented to generate revenue.

§  Analyze and discuss the merits of various methods in which governments generate revenue on consumption, income and wealth.

III. Discussion/Classwork/Practice: 

IV.  Section 9-1 Quiz