Nov 06

Accounting – 11/07/19

I.   Bellwork:

  • page 134 Q&A 1-2

II.  Objectives:

  • Establish a petty cash fund.
  • Replenish a petty cash fund.
  • Explain the steps necessary to prepare a petty cash report

III.   Discussion/Notebook PPT 5-4

  • Purpose of Petty Cash
  • Reconciling Petty Cash

IV.  Classwork On MindTap

  • 5-4 Work Together & On Your Own
  • Application Problem 5-4
Nov 06

AP Economics – 11/07/19

I.  Bellwork: on iLearn Module 61 Folder

II.  Objectives:

  • Identify the profit maximizing price and quantity for a monopoly
  • Determine whether a monopoly is making a profit or loss
  • Construct, analyze, and interpret economic models for a monopoly

III.  Discussion

IV.  Homework on iLearn Module 61 Folder

  • 4.1 Monopoly Practice
  • 61.2
Nov 06

Economics – 11/07/19

I.    Bellwork (Discuss the cases with your fellow students and write a complete response.

A.) Your store is constantly selling out of a certain cologne.

  • Explain what can you conclude about the cologne’s current price in regards to equilibrium?
  • Explain what should you do?

B.) The cost of attending college is becoming increasingly expensive and more difficult for many students to afford.

  • Explain the positive outcomes that would occur if the government put a cap or limit on college tuition?
  • Explain what negative consequences may occur?

II  Objective

  • Evaluate various explanations for actions or events and determine which explanation best accords with textual evidence.
  • Analyze the impact of a change in public policy (price ceilings and price floors) on consumers, producers, workers, savers, and investors.

III. Discussion – Pgs. 156-161 Social Goals & Market Efficiency

IV.   Price Controls Bridge Map – Price Floor & Price Ceiling

V.  Classwork:  Micro 2.5- Price Controls on iLearn

VI.   iLearn Quiz tomorrow Sections 6.1 & 6.2