Oct 29

Accounting – 10/30/19

I. Bellwork

Budget Challenge – Healthcare Quiz & Update Spreadsheet

II.   Objectives:

  • Analyze and record financial transactions of a check register
  • Properly complete checks when given a transaction and record them on a check register
  • Explain the process of writing checks and recording checking transactions on a register

III.  Classwork

A.  Booklet:  Making the Right Money Moves

  • Check Register on Google Classroom
Oct 29

Economics -10/30/19

I. Bellwork

A. Turn in Review Sheet

B. MLA heading on a separate sheet of paper

II.  Objectives:

  • Apply concepts and terminology involving supply and quantity supply
  • Perform marginal and cost analysis to determine profit, profit-maximization, and the break-even point of production.

III.  Chapter 5 Exam

  • Part 1- Constructive Response
  • Part 2 – Selected Response