Oct 20

Accounting – 10/21/19

I.  Bellwork:    Questions & Answers

A.  401K Article Information

  1. What is a 401K?
  2. Explain how matching works
  3. When can you withdraw your money?

II   Objectives

  • Interpret and analyze financial information in order to make sound financial decisions regarding (401K) retirement accounts and maintaining budget constraints.
  • Post amounts from a General Journal to ledger accounts using the 5 steps procedure,
  • Follow a multi-step procedure for posting to the ledger based on information in the text. RST.11-12.3

III.  Classwork

  • Complete Quiz on Budget Challenge
  • MindTap 4-2 Application Problem

IV.  Video to Review

Chapter 4 – Posting to the general ledger

Oct 20

AP Economics – 10/21/19

I.  Bellwork

  • Page 562 Tackle the Test 1-5 write Answers

II  Objectives

  • Explain why a firm’s cost may differ between the short run and long run
  • Describe how a firm can enjoy economies of scale
  • Interpret and explain graphic models representing costs in the short and long run

III.  Discussion Module 56 Long Run Costs & Economies of Scale Pgs . 564-569

Long Run Total Cost Curve

Returns to Scale and Economies to scale

Long-run Average Total Cost and Economies of Scale

Economies of Scale and Long-Run Costs- Micro Topic 3.3

IV.  Classwork

3.3 Economics of Scale Practice

V.  Homework

  • AP Classroom – Questions from  past two sections