Oct 17

Economics – 10/18/19

I. Bellwork: Look at Figure 5.4 on Page 124.

A. Describe how the appearance of the 3 supply curves differ.

B. Explain how their appearance relates to elasticity.

II.  Objective

  • Identify how changes in labor result in changes in output. – Theory of Production
  • Construct a production function and analyze and explain the information it provides
  • Evaluate various explanations for actions or events and determine which explanation best accords with textual evidence

III.  Formative Homework:  5.1 iLearn Supply Ends Sunday @ 11:30 pm

IV.   Notebook work – Page 128

  • Production Schedule & Function
  • Process Map – Stages of the Production Function

V.   Classwork

Oct 17

AP Economics – 10/18/19

I.  Bellwork

  • Page 562 Tackle the Test 1-5 write Answers

II  Objectives

  • Explain why a firm’s cost may differ between the short run and long run
  • Describe how a firm can enjoy economies of scale
  • Interpret and explain graphic models representing costs in the long run

III.  Discussion Module 56 Long Run Costs & economies of Scale Pgs . 564-569

IV,  Classwork

  • 3.3 Economics of Scale Practice
Oct 17

Accounting- 10/18/19

I. Bellwork

 Arrange the following Expenses in order and assign the correct account numbers to each:

Repairs Expense,  Miscellaneous Expense, Supplies Expense, Advertising Expense, Insurance Expense

II.   Objectives

  • Post amounts from a General Journal to ledger accounts
  • Demonstrate how to prove cash
  • Orally explain how to post from a general journal to a ledger

III.  Classwork

  • Log into budget Challenge and schedule a payemnt
  • Page 108 4-2  Working Together & On Your Own