Oct 09

Economics – 10/10/19

I. Bellwork

Berry Mart sold Takis for .50 and the quantity sold was 40 bags.  BerryMart raised the price to .55 and sold 35 bags. 

A.  Using the total revenue test determine elasticity.  (SHOW YOUR WORK)

B.  Using the price elasticity of demand formula determine elasticity. (SHOW YOUR WORK)

II. Objectives

  • Apply tests to determine elasticity based upon information provided
  • Review concepts and principles relating to demand, quantity demand, and elasticity of demand to address questions

III.  Classwork – Turn in Today – No excuses

A. Page 112 Questions & Answers 17-24 

  • Do not write the question for #21
  • When a question asks you to describe, you need to describe.

IV.  Chapter 4 Test on Monday – No notes

V.  Things to Review:

A.  Demand Curve Flash Cards

B.  Your iLearn Quizzes  (I will open them from you to review on Friday)

C:  Kahoot Review

D.  Your Notes:

IV.   Chapter-4-Review– Extra credit due Monday (must be complete)

Oct 09

Accounting – 10/10/19

I. Bellwork: Budget Challenge

  • Pay any bills and record them on your Spreadsheet

II. Objectives

  • Analyze, interpret, and record transaction into a General Journal
  • Utilize the proper procedures to record transactions in the general journal
  • Demonstrate the proper application of accounting terminology and concepts
  • Explain the proper technique in correcting errors on a general journal

 II.  Classwork:

  • Complete 3M & 3.4.2 on MindTap

IV.  Chapter 3 Test Monday

  • Chapter 3 Review on MindTap
Oct 09

AP Economics – 10/09/19

I. Objectives:

  • Determine the impact of excise taxes on consumer surplus, producer surplus, deadweight loss and tax revenue.
  • Explain the significance of cross price elasticity of  and identify criteria that determine demand and supply elasticity.
  • Analyze and interpret economic models in accordance with concepts presented in the text.

II.  Module 9 Exam

A.  FRQ on iLearn

B. MC on iLean