Oct 08

Economics – 10/09/19

I. Bellwork

  • Page 113 #26 (Draw the graphs & place arrows demonstrating what will happen to each)

II. Objective:

  • Review and discuss concepts and principles relating to demand, quantity demand, and elasticity of demand
  • Construct and evaluate various economic models to provide explanations that best accord with economic principles outlined in the text.

III.  Classwork

A. Page 109 #5-#8

B.  Kahoot – Demand

IV. Test on Monday


Oct 08

Accounting – 10/09/19

I.  Bellwork:  

  • Explain the accounting concept of Objective Evidence and how it relates to source documents.

II. Objectives

  • Analyze, interpret, and record various transactions using a general journal.
  • Interpret and analyze financial transactions following a multi-step procedure based on examples outlined in the text.
  • Apply knowledge of accounting concepts and terminology through participation in Kahoot review game. 

III.  Job Shadow Information

IV. Classwork

  • 3.4.2  Page 85
  • Kahoot EC Game

V.  Chapter 3 Test Monday

  • Chapter 3 Review on MindTap
Oct 08

AP Economics – 10/08/19

I. Bellwork:  How to calculate deadweight loss

A. Questions: Using the graph from the video


a. What is the quantity of the tax?

b. How much of that tax is paid by sellers and how much by consumers?

c. What is the change to consumer and producer surplus? 


Analyze, interpret, and construct economic models in order to solve a problem

Determine the impact of an excise tax on consumer and producer surplus as well as discuss the incidence of a tax

Explain and demonstrate the impact of price ceiling and price floors and consumer and producer surpluses

ievaluate information and apply tests in order to determine elasticity


Page 528-531  MC 1-17 & FRQ #1

Section 9 Test Review on iLearn

Test tomorrow  – Modules 46-50