Oct 06

Economics – 10/07/19

I.  Bellwork –  

  1.  Write the formula used to determine elasticity
  2. If the price of ice pops is .25 and your are able to sell 400, but you decide to raise the price to .40 and the quantity demand drops to 240, is demand elastic or inelastic? – Show your work using the formula.

II.  Objectives:

  • Calculate elasticity using the price elasticity formula and data provided
  • Analyze, interpret, and construct economic models to determine demand elasticity
  • Integrate and evaluate the information presented in order to determine demand elasticity from  demand elasticity tests

III.  Homework– Turn in Today

IV. Classwork

V.  Quiz Tomorrow

Oct 06

Accounting – 10/07/19

I. Bellwork: Log into Budget Challenge

Go to this link https://www.budgetchallenge.com/StudentHome/Curriculum/Unit.aspx?UnitID=16

A. List the 6 trophies that are available to earn in the Budget Challenge and explain how each one is earned 

II. Objectives:

  • Utilize a Cash Flow Statement to manage  money and monitor financial activity
  • Analyze and interpret billing statements to schedule payments 
  • Read and Review game rules and procedures and take quiz

III. Field trip Permission Slips – 10/10 Thursday

IV. Classwork: Block Budget Challenge:

  • Pay & Record Bills
  • Record transactions on Cash Flow Statement
  • Take Getting Started Quiz

V. Chapter 3 Accounting Test on Friday