Oct 01

Economics – 10/02/19

I. Bellwork:

For each graph below identify what is happening to demand or quantity demand.

II. Objectives

  • Explain the difference between a change in demand and a change in quantity demand
  • Construct and interpret economic models demonstrating changes in demand and quantity demand based upon various scenarios/factors.

III. Classwork – Review Changes in Quantity demand and Changes in Demand

IV. Homework on iLearn

Worksheet 5.4

Oct 01

AP Economics – 10/02/19

I.  Bellwork

     Page 497 Tackle the Test #2

II.  Objectives:

  • Calculate total consumer and producer surplus by applying the triangle area formula.
  • Explain and demonstrate the impact of price ceiling and price floors and consumer and producer surpluses
  • Construct economic models to represent consumer and producer surplus

III.  Discussion/Notebook

IV.  Classwork

  • Pages 496-497 (1-2) & (1-5)

V.  Homework

Oct 01

Accounting – 10/02/19

I.  Bellwork:   Page 75 1-5 Questions & Answers

II.  Objectives:

  • Demonstrate when to end and how to start a new journal page.
  • Identify and correct errors using standard accounting practices.
  • Interpret and record financial transaction in the general journal.

III. Budget Challenge Checkup – Start Tomorrow
IV. Discussion PPT 3-4

V.  Classwork  Page 80

  • Working Together 3-4
  • On Your Own 3-4
Oct 01

AP Economics – 10/01/19

.I.  Bellwork

A.  Page 484 #2

II.  Objectives:

  • Explain the meaning of consumer and producer surplus and their relationship to the demand and supply curves.
  • Interpret and construct graphs based upon information provided to determine consumer and producer surpluses

III.  Discuss:  Consumer and Producer Surplus pages 485-496

IV.  Classwork: on iLearn

49.1 & 49.4 Worksheet

Oct 01

Economics – 10/01/19

I.  Bellwork

A. Illustrate using 2 separate graphs:

  1. a change in quantity demand
  2. a change in demand

II. Objectives:

  • Identify and analyze factors that influence demand elasticity.
  • Review and discuss concepts and principles relating to demand.
  • Integrate and evaluate multiple sources of information presented in diverse formats in order to determine demand elasticity or inelasticity.

III.  Turn in Homework

IV.  Discussion

V.   Notebook Work

A.  Draw and label:

  • An inelastic demand curve
  • An elastic demand curve

VI.  Open Note – Quiz Section 4.1 & 4.2

Oct 01

Accounting – 10/01/19

I.  Bellwork: Questions & Answers
 A. When you make a sale on account, what is the account



B. When you make a cash sale, what is the account



C. When an owner withdraws cash, what is the account  



 II.  Objectives

  • Analyze and record transactions that affect owner’s equity.
  • Analyze and record sales and receipts of cash on account
  • Utilize the 4-step process to record entries on the general journal

III.  Discussion:  PPT Chapter 3 on iLearn

  • Transactions Affecting Owner’s Equity

IV.   Classwork: Page 75

Watch the video below & Add this to your sheet

3-3 Working Together Video

  • 3-3 Working Together & 3-3 On Your Own
  • 3-3 Application Problem