Sep 27

Keyboarding 9/28/07

I.  Bellwork

If two pounds of squash costs $4.69 at Store #1 and a 1/2 pound of squash costs $1.09 at Store #2 which store has the best (cheapest) price for a pound of squash?  Show the cost for a pound for each store.


  • To combine smoothly Left Shift and . (period) with all other learned keys.
  • To improve use of Space Bar, Left Shift key, and Enter

II.  Classwork

A.  Pgs 27-28

B.  Micro Type Pro – Lesson 8 Review

III.  Notebook Check

Sep 27

Acctg 9/28/07


Define accounting terms related to analyzing transactions into debit and credit parts.

Identify accounting practices related to analyzing transactions into debit and credit parts

I.  Bellwork Pg.44

A.  Terms (4) + 1-2 Q+A

II.  Notebook Work Pg. 41

A.  Critical Thinking 1-2 Q+A

III.  3-1 Analyzing Transactions into Debit+Credit Parts

A. Read-Discuss Pgs. 40-43

1.  Accounting Equation

2.  T-Account

3.  Account Balance

4.  Debit & Credit

IV.  Class work

A.  Pg. 44 #3-#8 wb pgs. 35-36

B.  Pg. 58 3-1 Application Problem wb pg.41