Sep 14

ACCTG 9/17/07


· Prepare a balance sheet for a service business organized as a proprietorship from information in an accounting equation.

I.  Bellwork

II.    Section 1-3 Balance Sheet

         A.   Read and discuss pgs 13-14

            1.   Purpose of the balance sheet

            2.   Parts of a balance sheet

            3.   Review each step on pg 14

III.  Classwork

         A.  Page 15 (Terms and 1-4 Q&A)

B. pg 15 problems 5 and 6 workbook pages 5-6

         C. pg 19 Application problem 1 -4 workbook page 13


Sep 14

Keyboarding 9/17/07


Ø      To learn reach technique for H & E

Ø      To combine smoothly H & E with home row keys

 I.  Bellwork

II.  Pages 15-16 of typing book

III.  Micro Type Pro Lesson 2 Learn H & E

IV.  Edit Pictures from the I: drive

Sep 14

Computer Applications 9/17/07


  • Explain why the word processor is ideal for producing a variety of different documents
  • Identify the different parts of the Word window
  • Use the word processor to enter and modify text
  • Insert symbols into a document
  • Understand automatic spelling and grammar checking
  • Use smart tags
  • Find and replace text and special characters in a document
  • Use the thesaurus to display a list of synonyms
  • Demonstrate techniques for selecting, copying, and moving text

I.  Bellwork

II. Classwork

A.  Using a Word Processor Pgs 87-98

1.  Request Part 1 Pgs 89-92

2.  Request Part 2 Pg 94

3.  Handbook Pgs 95-98

II.  Editing Your Picture