Sep 09

Keyboarding 9/10/07


Ø      Become familiar with the keys on the keyboard

Ø      Use proper posture and keyboarding technique

Ø      Learn control of the home row keys (fdsa  jkl;)

Ø      To learn control of Space Bar and Enter

I.  Bellwork

II.  Review Keyboarding Textbook

III.  Discuss Computer and Typing Problems

IV.  Log on to MicroType Pro 

Begin Green Section – Lesson 1 – Learn Homerow

Sep 09

Acctg Agenda 9/10/07

Objective:  To identify and become familiar with career opportunities in accounting.

I.  Bellwork

II.  Read & Discuss AICPA Materials

III.  Assign Books

IV.  Classwork  Pgs xx-xvii

A.  List and describe 5 type of accounting careers

B.  List  5 additional careers that require some accounting knowledge

C.  Discuss Accounting Careers Video