Sep 05

Agenda 9-06-07

 Students will be able to:

Become familar and learn to apply Core Values, Class Policies and Procedures

I.  Bellwork Due First 5 minutes

II.  Turn in Syllabus

III.   Core Values Discussion – Not for 2nd Hr

A.  On a seperate sheet: 

1.  Define each core value and provide an example of a situation when each can be applied.  Use senetences

IV.  Discuss and Copy Class Procedures in your Notebook

V.  Tuesdays are Mathematic Problem Days & Thursdays are Language Arts Days – We will do short exercises emphasizing these skills.

Sep 05

Agenda 9/05/07

Students will be able to:

Become familar with course content, requirements, procedures, evaluation, and Core Values.

I. Sit in assigned seats

II. Complete Personal Inventory

III. Read and Discuss Keyboarding Syllabus

A. Due tomorrow signed

IV. Discuss grading scale and various grades

A. Notebook work: create a Pie Chart and label it based upon the grading scale

V. Discuss Core Values Core Values PPT

A. Define and provide an example for which each core value can be applied. Turn in Today