Jul 19

Agenda 7-20-07

I.  Finishing all missing work

A.  Anything not completed today will receive a Zero

B.  All assignment must contain Your Name  & Picture with the appropriate assignment Header

C.  Turn in anything you are missing today

II.  Micro Type Pro 1-10 is due on Tuesday

Jul 19

Agenda 7-19-07

I.  Ecel Charts & Graphs 

A.  Pg 333-334 Exercise 5 (Print the Chart only)

B.  Quiz

II.  Micro Type Pro

III.  Creating Presentations

A.  Gemstone Part 1 pgs 502-504

B.  Gemstone Part 2 pgs 506-508

C.  Better Burger pgs 511-514

D.  Butter Flies Pg 517

IV.  Turn in Notebooks