Week of 2/29/2016

Hello to all room 111 families!

I hope you all had a wonderful and restful weekend. It’s so weird having a snow day on Thursday and then going for a walk to the part Sunday. That’s Michigan weather for you! Well as we head into March, (my favorite month of the year), there is much that my “March is Reading Month” committee has been working so hard on! Our theme this year is, “Reading With the Stars”! Here is what to expect this week:

Word Family: -it word family (sit, hit, bit, kit, fit, zit, pit)

sight words: see, here

Monday: PBIS town hall assembly (we had our reward day on Friday). We will go to gym.

Tuesday: We will go to art and music. March is Reading Month begins! Look for all informational calendar sent home this week to begin logging reading minutes at home!

Wednesday: We will go to computers.

Thursday: We will go to music. Today is our check out day, so bring books back and we will visit the library today! March reading month kick off assembly (students only). Check calendars for what students can wear!

Friday: We will go to gym. Check March Reading calendar for spirit clothing dress up today. Bingo for books is also today! Come at 4:00pm with your family to receive ONE book per McCollough student and then possibly some more books if you win a bingo!!!

There will probably be more as the week unfolds so I’ll be in touch! Have a great week.

Mrs. Ross 🙂

Hip Hip Hurray for the 100th day!



Well we’re gray, wrinkled and tired but we made it! THANK YOU SO MUCH as ALWAYS to all the parents who donated yesterday to make our 100th day a success. We cannot thank you enough! I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “This is the best day ever” and “I love school so much” today! I even heard a student say, “I don’t want to go home, I want to stay here forever.” It truly melted my heart! In addition, I owe a huge thank you to Mrs. Biaz and Mrs. Hajj and the art teacher Mrs. Brown for helping us with our crafts, math lesson and math snack! We could NOT have done that without you 🙂 Here are the pictures that I took today. Mrs. Biaz and Mrs. Hajj took more (and so did the secretary). So, as I get more pics I’ll share more. Enjoy!

With deep appreciation,

Mrs. Ross and Class

File_007 File_007(4) File_007(2) File_006 File_006(4) File_006(3) File_006(2) File_005 File_005(3) File_005(2) File_004 File_004(3) File_004(2) File_003 File_003(4) File_003(3) File_003(2) File_002 File_002(5) File_002(4) File_002(3) File_002(2) File_001 File_001(5)    File_000 File_000(6) File_000(5) File_000(4) File_000(3) File_000(2)

100th Day of School!

Image result for 100th day of school dress up ideas       Image result for 100th day of school dress up ideas                 The 100th Day is Here!!!

Dear 111 families,

Tuesday is the 100th day of school! We are going to celebrate our hard work and being 100 days smarter in room 111! Throughout the day I have incorporated 100th day activities to fit into our daily schedule. I found these adorable images on Google this morning to help describe how your child can dress on Tuesday! Hopefully, you can look around the house and find some clothes you already have and just make the hair funny! I think I am going to go to the store and buy myself some gray hair spray and make wrinkles on my face with black eyeliner! Should be interesting, I hope I don’t scare the students! We will be writing about what we will look like and live like at 100 years old during writer’s workshop, read poems and stories with the 100s theme, count, sort and build with the number 100 in math, and enjoy a trail mix treat with 100 items in it!

We could really use your help with TWO things:

#1) to make our trail mix. If you would like to send in an item here is what we need! Please hit reply below and let Mrs. Ross know before Monday at 3:00pm what you would like to send it. Then, I can go to the store Monday night to buy the rest. Thank you so much for your donations in advance! Remember we have 22 students so buy enough of the item that students will have 10 pieces each!

*m&ms- Mohamed Ali’s family will donate

*mini pretzels

*chex cereal

*raisins – Yara’s family will donate

*chocolate chips-Hadi Hajj’s Family will donate

*goldfish- Bashir Biaz’s family will donate

*teddy grams

*popcorn (easy and already popped in chip aisle at Kroger or any grocery store!)


*cheerios- Hadi Najda’s family will donate

*22 juice boxes – Mohamad Albazzal’s family will donate

#2) What Does 100 Look Like!?!: PLEASE send in 100 small things in a ziplock baggie (large or small) with your child’s name on it! I would lOVE to staple these to the board and give the kids an idea of what 100 of different items looks like. We can use them in the week to count as well! For example, 100 paperclips, 100 crayons, 100 pencils, 100 cotton balls, 100 tiny food item snacks, etc. have fun with it and THANK YOU in advance for all the help!


Here is what else is cooking in kindergarten this week: whew! I’m already exhausted lol!

Word Family: -en (men, hen, pen, ten, Ben, den) Let’s go for all 6 words this week as the hot words!

Reading: Narrative texts, comprehension, decoding strategies

Writing: Narrative writing

Math: Addition (practice addition facts and hands on from 0-10)

Science: Living Things cont. with our lima bean observations!

Social Studies: Where am I? cont. me on the map!


Week of 2-15-2016

Image result for stuffing my face with chocolate

You can never have too much chocolate!

Greetings room 111 families! I hope you are all enjoying your much needed long weekend. I am currently eating one too many chocolate hearts from my students and working on lesson plans! Thank you all again for all the amazing treats and presents, I am so grateful. We have so much packed into our short week so here we go:

-ap family (sap, lap, map, nap, cap, tap)

*hot words: nap, tap, map (but we may just try the rest on Friday!)

Monday: I hope you enjoyed the day off!

Tuesday: Welcome back! Art and Music today. Homework packets due. Social studies home assignment handed out instead of a homework packet! Due next Monday! It is a very simple assignment that will help your child describe their world around them starting at home 🙂 There is an example page in the packet and it should be a non stress assignment, however please pop in and ask if you have any questions. Have fun! Thank you so much in advance for your help. You are welcome to turn it in any time before next Friday if they are done early. *Today we will plant a lima bean in science and write a prediction about what we think will happen (linked to our living things unit)! Be sure to ask your young scientist about it and look at our classroom windows this week to watch them grow!

Wednesday: Computers

Thursday: Music and Library check out! Please return any books you may have on or before Thursday.

Friday: Gym.

I’m SURE there are a million things I am forgetting as soon as I hit publish. If so, you’ll here more from me tomorrow. See you all in school tomorrow!

Mrs. Ross


Image result for valentines day

Thank you so much to all the families for helping us supply and throw the most amazing Valentine’s Day party Mrs. Ross’s class has ever had. The students were so adorable and I am so proud of them as usual. Thank you to ALL the mothers that came today to help make our party amazing: Mrs. Biaz, Mrs. Albazzal, Mrs. Moustafa, Mrs. Hajazi, Mrs. Alkharashani, Mrs. Majda, Mrs. Bouzeid and Mrs. Arafat! We are SO lucky to have such a fantastic classroom of moms. Whew! I am so exhausted from watching you all do all the work! I hope all the children had fun and you all enjoyed your poems. we LOVE you all and have a happy Valentine’s Day and wonderful winter break! See you on Tuesday.

PS. In all the excitement, Yara reminded me that we forgot to do our spelling test! No worries, we can review and take the test on Tuesday for the -un family.



Mrs. Ross

Valentine’s Party Update!

Image result for images for valentines day

Thank you all SO much for all the donated supplies and food for tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day party! We are all set now for the party and look forward to seeing you there at 1:00pm if you can make it 🙂

Here is the list of students in our classroom. We are going to be exchanging Valentine’s tomorrow afternoon and if your child wished to participate you can send them in a plastic grocery bag. We have 22 students.

Laya                                                   Hadi Hajj

Mohamed                                         Mohamed Ali

Khaled                                               Ayman

Sarah                                                 Laren

Ali                                                      Hassan

Rokaia                                              Julia

Zayd                                                  Zayn

Bashir                                               Hadi Najda

Adam Beydoun                               Yara

Jad                                                    Mariam

Olivia                                                Adam Shawhatti

Valentine’s Day Party

Dear Families,

This Thursday our classroom will be having a Valentine’s Day party! Your child is welcome to bring a special Valentine to pass to each of our friends at school. There are 22 students in the class. I will send home a class list if your child wished to write their friends names on each one. A small treat such as a sucker etc. is ok to give each child with the cards.

If your child would love to donate the following supplies we’d be very grateful! Your child can bring them on or before Thursday. Please hit reply on the bottom of this post and let me know what you would like to donate if you can. Please send it to school with your child before Thursday if possible. In addition, if you would like to come to the party please sign in at the office and we will see you at 1:00pm. Thank you in advance for all your support!


Supplies Needed:

six round valentines themed table cloths-Yara’s family

4 large pizzas from pizza place ($5.00 each if you say they are for a McCollough Unis Teacher)- Hadi Najda’s family

22 small individual m&m packs: Zayn Moustafa’s family

2 bags of conversation hearts (small hearts)- Zayd Arafat’s family

vanilla icing (2 containers)-Bashir’s family

Valentines heart sprinkles-Bashir’s family

red sprinkles-Adam Beydoun’s family

white sprikles

pink sprinkles

Valentines plates- Zayd Arafat’s family

Valentine’s Themed napkins-Mohamed Albazzal’s family

knives-Mohamed Albazzal’s family

Spoons-Lauren’s Family

fruit salad-Julia’s Family 

small bowls- Yara’s family

22 juice boxes- Mohamed Ali’s family

pretzels- Mohamed Ali’s family



Week of 2-7-2016

Happy Valentine’s Week room 111! We have such a short week this week, but it will be packed with fun! Here is what you need to know:

Word Family: -un word family (test on Thursday)

hot words: sun, bun, run, pun, nun, fun (let’s go for all of them!)


Monday: gym. Homework packet will be collected and a new one sent home for the week and extended weekend. It will be due after break).

Tuesday: Art and Music (Mrs. Ross will be at a district Language Arts meeting all day)

Wednesday: Late Start (9:00am) We have computers

Thursday: Music

Friday: Mid-Winter break from the 12th to the 15th


On Thursday at around 1:00pm we will be having a Valentine’s Day party! I will be sending a separate blog post about the party. If you would like to come to help set up or stay and run activities during the party we’d love you to come! Please reply to the party post. Have a wonderful week and break. I am here if anyone needs anything, or wants to talk regarding their child’s progress on the report cards.

Mrs. Ross 🙂