Week of 1-27-2020

Dear Families,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It has been a very exciting weekend in the Ross household as Benny has received his CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) in the mail! Woohoo, now we can tell what his glucose levels are at all times and we do not have to poke his fingers all day long 🙁 He’s being so brave as usual and adjusting to this new device in his tummy. What an inspiration he is to me. I wanted to thank you all once again for all your support while our family is adjusting to this new life we live. Here is what is cooking this week in our class. If there are any new updates or changes to our schedule I’ll be sure to post them right away! Have a wonderful week and please let me know if there is anything I can do for your family.

Important Dates/School Events:

Monday: 1/27 Final makeup day for our math NWEA assessment (one more to go!)

Friday Popcorn should be on so go ahead and send in those quarters!

LA: Penguin Research Project! We read like crazy about penguins. We are reading both narrative and informational texts and comparing the difference in structural elements!

Raz-Kids: Tomorrow your child will be bringing home their log in information to use our new reading website Raz-Kids at home! This website is fantastic and will give your child the ability to read from hundreds of electronic books and answer comprehension questions! We will also be adding this element to our Daily 5 lessons in school. This choice is called “Listen to Reading” and students will get to use computer skills to navigate the site as well as practice being responsible and respectful with technology! They are going to love it 🙂 Please let me know if you have any questions about getting set up with the program at home. Have fun 🙂

Math: This week your child will receive a math game but not a math packet until we finish Module 3. 🙂

Spelling: Monday 1-27 we will have our first spelling test on the -an family! Friday 1-31 we will have our test on the -at family. We will work with many words in the-at family, though only six words will be on the test. Three “hot words” will be starred on the sheet sent home tomorrow (and definitely on the test) while the other words will be chosen by me. They are called the “cold words.”

-at family: bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat

Writing: Penguin Informational Writing Piece!This week we will continue revising our pieces and begin publishing the pieces for the hallway. I will help the students type what they have written in order to see publishing in a different form. Make sure to check out our bulletin board when you are in our hallway!

Social Studies: This week we will begin our new Unit “Where are We?”

Week of 1-13-2020

Dear Families,

Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday break. I missed the students so much and am so happy to be back 🙂 We worked hard all week reviewing procedures, learning and enjoying being back together. In LA we cleared out our reading packs and got them ready to rebuild with newer books, checking our individual sight word color coded cards and adding new sight word lists. We have begun reviewing our personal and academic goals in order to update them for the next semester! It will be a busy few weeks ahead with end of the semester individual testing and the beginning of our Winter NWEA assessments in reading and math. Our week will be a mixture of new learning and individual assessments. Whew, I’m already excited and tired lol! THANK YOU in advance for all your hard work and making sure your little darlings have consistent attendance 🙂

*Menu Change 1/15/2020 Wednesday, January 15th Menu Change: 1st Choice – Stir Fry Veg. Beef LoMein 2nd Choice – Popcorn Chicken w/Roll

note *If you know in advance your child is going to be absent please let me know so I can plan their assessments accordingly*

Important Dates/School Events:

Monday 1-13-2020: Individual DRA Reading Assessments begin! Reading groups will slow down this week so PLEASE continue to read at home from your personal reading libraries with your child and work on their sight words:-)

Tuesday 1-14-2020: NWEA reading assessment. (Thursday Makeup Day #1)

Wednesday 1-15-2020: Annual Pancake Dinner! 5:30-7:00pm in the cafeteria

Friday 1-17-2020: Bingo for Books in the cafeteria

Friday 1-17-2020: 1/2 Day dismissal 11:45am (no lunch) feel free to send in a snack for your child in the AM!

Friday NO Popcorn: Due to the half day dismissal

Monday 1-20-2020: MLK Day. No school for all students

Tuesday 1-21-2020: 1/2 Day 11:45am dismissal for students (Professional Development teachers)

LA: Penguin Research Project! We have begun reading like crazy about penguins. We are reading both narrative and informational texts and comparing the difference in structural elements!

Writing: Penguin Informational Writing Piece! This writing will be composed of 3-5 facts we choose to show what we know are “facts” about penguins. It will be a labor of love 🙂