Lunch and Snacks

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DuVall kindergartners and first grade will eat lunch together from 11:00 am-11:38am. Lunch calendars will be sent home each month from the school. Please make sure to review all three lunch choices every  evening/morning with your child to help us have a smooth arrival. If they choose to bring a lunch from home please mark their name and room 106 on the outside of their fabric bag. Remember kindergarten is all about independence, so pack something that your child can successfully open and eat alone. Please make sure to write your child’s name somewhere on the bag and Rm. 106 just in case it is placed in the wrong class basket after eating.

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Snack: The school day can be VERY long for our young ones, and they are usually used to having snacks at home. Please feel free to send in two healthy snacks for your child each day. We will eat snack every morning and afternoon after our 15 minutes recess outside (weather permitting). This year we have a severe allergy in our classroom. Here is a list of healthy and “safe” foods to bring into our classroom. Other foods can be packaged separately and eaten in the cafeteria at lunchtime.

Doritos (cheese or cool ranch)
fresh fruit or veggies (NO avocado)
cheese sticks, sliced cheese
yogurt ( I stick with strawberry/berry  go-gurts, Stonyfields, or dannon)
fruit cups
apple sauce
Cheetos crunchy original
Chips Ahoy Original crunchy

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*In addition, if your child likes to drink water like me, they may bring in a leak proof water bottle with their name on it to leave on the back sink in the classroom 🙂  Don’t you wish you could find a water bottle this cute? I just use black permanent marker on my son’s water bottle from Target. Please make sure your child’s water bottle is labeled.