PBIS/Leader in Me!

This year DuVall will take part in a PBIS “Positive Behavior Intervention System” and adapt our version of the “Leader in Me” program! In my classroom all students are safe and loved and taught how to “get along with others”. You can rest assured that I will not only teach them how to learn academic content, but how to grow and nurture their whole self. In our kindergarten classes, we will have a behavior chart in order for parent and teacher to communicate daily about behaviors in the classroom and it is required to be signed once a week. This behavior chart is a calendar that is changed monthly and will live in the back plastic cover of the homework folders. If you should ever need to discuss your child’s behavior or academic progress with the teacher, please send me a note through the homework folders, email, or ask me after school. I will always get back with you within 24 hours and can easily make arrangements for my kiddos at home should I need to stay for a while. I look forward to working with you as partners to help your child grow and mature this year!

Jewel Jar: Mrs. Ross always has small incentives that we enjoy in my classroom! I keep a glass vase in the room and when the students exhibit behaviors that are exceptionally respectful, responsible and safe, they will receive “jewels” that sparkle in the jar! When the jar fills up to the top, we have a celebration that Friday with cookies, donuts, cupcakes (whichever the classroom cotes on!).

Prize Box: If your child remains on “green the whole week” then they will be able to pick something small out of the prize box!

Homework: If your child has completed their homework for the whole month, they will also get to pick a prize out of the prize box and receive a star every week for completed

Mrs. Ross’s Email: rossm1@dearbornschools.org

DuVall Office: If you call the office, the secretary can send you through to my voicemail and I’ll receive it though email and get back to you within 24 hours!