Update for cookie donations…

Here is an updated list of who is bringing what and what we still need! Thank you all for your help and generosity! I just wrote down the first to reply. If anyone is interested in bringing in a fruit salad (in a bowl already cut up with a serving spoon) that is big enough for 21 students we’d love to add that as well!

*Parents are welcome to join us for the party from 12:30 pm until 2:00 pm. However, at 2:00 pm we are going to a sign along with the music teacher and students that is for students only.

Mahamed Ali: plastic spoons and napkins

Zayn: Juice boxes

Mrs. Biaz: 3 cans of icing

Yara: plastic knives and plastic bowls

Zayd: plastic plates

Mohamad A.: sprinkles 3 colors

Jad: m&ms (mini) one large bag

Hadi: fruit salad (cut up for 21)

Sill Need:

NOTHING Wohoo!!! Thank you all for your help!

Week of 12-14-2015

Greetings families of room 111! I hope you enjoyed this warm weather we are having. I on the other hand am very upset and waiting for the cold and sparkly snow to appear! If you know Mrs. Ross, you know that I love everything about the winter season 🙂 Well, here is everything you need to know about our busy week in kindergarten. I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing winter break. I will see you all January 4th in the new year.

Letter of the week: Q q (reviewing it again this week) K k (reviewing it again)

Words of the week: look, is

Monday: Homework packets are due and new packets will go home tonight! (These packets are LONG because it is to take your child up until January 4th. So, please continue with the one to two pages a night and don’t feel overwhelmed to get it finished in one week!) We will go to gym today. Wear gym shoes!

Tuesday: We have Music and Art.

Wednesday:  LATE START! School starts at 9:00am. We will go to Computers.

Thursday: We have music today and will go to the library to check out books!

Friday: We will be baking gingerbread cookies and decorating them in the morning to finish our comparisons of various gingerbread stories! In the afternoon we will enjoy a sing along in the gym with the students and the music teacher Mrs. Webber!

*Mrs. Ross will be purchasing the dough and any ingredients and toppings that are not donated for the cookies. If you would like to donate any supplies please reply below. We appreciate your help! Please donate supplies by Wednesday.

*21 juice boxes

*plastic spoons and knives


*sprinkles (green, red, white)

*2 containers of icing

*mini m&ms


That’s all for now. I’ll be in touch if there is any other news!


Mrs. Ross

Week of 12-7-2015

Greetings families of room 111!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I can’t believe I am already attending family holiday parties and taking my kids to see Santa at Greenfield Village! Time flies, and with it our learning. We have been working SO completely hard this month so far and want to thank you for all your help! We have a special thank you to Mrs. Harp and Mrs. Biaz for their volunteer work on Friday. If you would like to volunteer in the classroom during any subject we would LOVE to have you! In social studies we have been studying about goods and services. If you work in a “service” industry in any way we would love to have you come in and speak about your job and how you “help” others (hint hint Mrs. Najda and Mrs. Abboud lol!). Even if you come in with a relative that works in the service industry making “goods” we would love to hear about your job as well!

*Mrs. Biaz has sent some cool pictures of our class from the PBIS assembly and Daily 5 this week. I have uploaded them to share them with you. Thank you Mrs. Bias!


File_007 File_006 File_005 File_004 File_003 File_000 File_001

Here is what is cooking in room 111 this week!

Letters: K k and Q q

Words: for,  up

Monday: Book fair begins today. Gym class (wear gym shoes) Homework packets due and new packet sent home.

Tuesday: art and music

Wednesday: Computers

Thursday: Music (smencils for sale $1.00 each to benifit PBIS reward parties)

Friday: Gym (wear gym shoes) spelling test on for, up and bonus word (said) because the word said was difficult as a whole last week.


We are also working on the following in class:

writing: continue writing opinions (this week we will be writing about what we feel a “bucket filler” is and how we can be one!)

social studies: needs/wants and goods/services    and trades

science: we are studying pushes and pulls still

math: counting and cardinality (count orally, count objects up to 20 and practice writing numbers to 20 at home!)


Have a great week!

Mrs. Ross 🙂

Celebrations and reminders…

Congratulations to room 111 this month!  Our entire class has made SUCH a great improvement in our manners this month. 50% of our class stayed one green ALL MONTH and will be recognized tomorrow morning at the assembly. I am SO proud of them. 100% of our class will attend the party as well! We will be playing in different stations set up in the gym with all the other students that have earned the reward day. We are so excited.

  • November PBIS Assembly: Tomorrow m0rning at the assembly I will be reading the book, “HOW FULL IS YOUR BUCKET?” to the students and giving them the goal to be a “bucket filler” for the month of December and the rest of the year! we will be discussing how when you do kind things/or say kind things to others you and the other feel great. Please help your child to practice being a bucket filler at home as well.

Image result for how to be a bucket filler


I would also like to extend a shout out to Zayd Arafat, Khaled Awad, Bashir Baiz and Jad Bouzeid for identifying ALL the letters in the alphabet and earning their can of play-Doh today. Wohoo and way to go!


*Reminder: Tomorrow is our library check out. It may occur during the PBIS celebration, but we still need to return the books. If it conflicts with our check out time we will try and reschedule it for this week or next! So, make sure to bring back your library books tomorrow morning!

See you all bright and early tomorrow morning!

Mrs. Ross and Class 🙂