Week of 5-31-2016

Greetings room 111!

I hope you all had a wonderful extended Memorial Day Weekend! I know we enjoyed all the family time here at the Ross house! On a personal note, I wanted to thank all the families that kept our daughter Antonia in their prayers last week as she visited the cardiologist at Children’s Hospital. It turns out she does have a murmur, but that is is NOT affecting her health at all she is 100% perfect (though we knew that already)! She should grow out of the murmur by age ten and her test results came back beautiful! Thank you once again for all your support. I truly have the greatest classroom and parents!

I can’t believe that we are almost at the end of the school year. As we reach the last few weeks here is what you need to know for this one…if their are any additional comments, corrections or additions to this week I’ll send them as the days progress. Have a great week!

Reminders: remember to look at your 26 day count down for what is happening each day! Also, remember to send in either a new or old white tshirt OR $5 for the teacher to get you one for tie-dye day!

Tuesday: Homework packets collected and new ones sent home today. Students will have art and music today. Teacher is collecting May PBIS smilie faces to tally up the final party for May tonight!

Wednesday: Students will go to computers today. PBIS Town Hall is today.

Thursday: Please send in ALL library and small book bag books! Students will go to music today.

Friday: Gym class is today


*Important Dates to come:

June 15th: Kindergarten Graduation 1:00pm in the gym

June 16th: last day of school! 1/2 day for students

A few things…

Ok first of all I survived the “pie in the face” fundraiser lol! Yara Nassour had a blast smooshing a delicious cream pie in Mrs. Ross’s face this afternoon hahahaha!!! It was so fun πŸ™‚ We were only disappointed that more people couldn’t pie me! I knew there were a couple things I wanted to remind you about so here they are:

When we get to letter ‘T’ we are going to tie-dye t shirts in school woohoo!!! SO, could you please start sending in a new OR old white tshirt for your child as soon as possible we are already on the letter “k”! If you don’t have one, you could send in $5 and I would be happy to run to the store and buy some tshirt packs for the kids. THANK YOU in advance for your help!

Announcements Β for end of the year PBIS: CONGRATULATIONS is in order for Ayman Hijazi and Rokaya Alkharashani for earning the “Mostly Green” clip up extra reward at the end of the year! They will join other students to be sprayed by the local fire truck. In addition, CONGRATULATIONS to Yara Nassour for earning 30 or MORE clip ups! She is the only student from room 111 with the honor of attending the “clip up” extra reward day! She will join other McCollough students for an afternoon of bouncy houses! We are ALL so proud of our students for their efforts this year. I am SO proud of how much my class has GROWN as individuals and as a whole. We as a staff know this PBIS program is not only beneficial but CRUCIAL to help mold and shape young minds. I THANK YOU once again for your support and help this year!



Mrs. Ross πŸ™‚

Week of 5-23-2016

Hello room 111!

I am SO glad to be back to school! I missed the kids SO much and want to thank all the wonderful chaperones for all the help on the day of the field trip last week. Really, from the bottom of my heart…thank you. I saw some of the pics that parents took and it looked like you had a WONDERFUL time! I heard a wonderful report form the teachers that took the class and the substitute on Friday. I am so proud! If you have any pics you took at the field trip feel free to text them to me or email them to me and I will share on the blog! Here are a few things to know and share about this short week!

Word family: review all

Math and LA: testing for report cards (I collected all the reading packs Monday so read read read every night from raz kids now!)

Monday: pajama day! new homework packets went home today! make sure to check your countdown for what comes next.

Tuesday: MRS. ROSS is shaking in her boots because so many students want to throw a pie at her today lol!!!!!!!!! We will enjoy our fundraiser this morning outside ahh!!!!! also we will have art and music. THANK YOU to all the families that donated towards field day!

Wednesday: Computers

Thursday: FIELD DAY in the AM. Be sure to check the weather ahead of time and dress appropriately for the weather. We will be eating outside after field day for a picnic lunch! So if ou want to feel free to send your child to school with a “sack lunch” in a brown paper bag so that they can eat a lot faster than going back in to the building and waiting through the lunch line! After field day at 11:50am they will just eat outside our room and then play!

Friday/Monday: NO SCHOOL. Happy Memorial Day weekend! See you all on Tuesday…

I’m sure there is a lot I have forgotten! So goodbye for now and I’ll be in touch! I must go get my beauty sleep and rest up for all the pie I am going to be eating and ingesting tomorrow πŸ™‚

Mrs. Ross πŸ™‚

Week of 5-15-2016

Greetings room 111 families!

I hope this message finds you well and warm this weekend! How crazy is this weather! Well this is going to be a really fun week as we get ready for our trip to the Detroit Zoo! I have my updated parent list from the office (of background checks) and a few parents that might have changed their minds about going so tomorrow please fill out the note and return if you WANT to follow the bus and be a chaperone (AND you already completed your background check!) OR if you want to send in the $7 and just walk with YOUR child. Just indicate what you what for my planning purposes and we’ll be all set! Hopefully it wont be so cold!

Word Family: ag (bag, hag, gag, sag, wag, lag, nag, rag, tag)

*As you’ve noticed the books in the reading packs have slowed down lately. I have begun the end of the year testing for language arts and will continue this week with your child’s individual reading level DRA2 test. In order for your child to stay current with their reading and skills you will need to continue to read every night on RazKids. Also, the library every year begins asking for the leveled books several weeks before school closes, so please make sure your child has ALL small leveled books in their packs, because I will also begin collecting them soon! This way we can avoid any costly library fines!

*This week their will also be a scholastic book fair! So at some point we will head up there as a class and your child can return at a later time this week with parent volunteers to purchase books.

Tomorrow is exercise day on our 26 day countdown! Woohoo we’ll be doing some fun exercises in class for brain breaks! Continue to check the list each day to be ready for the fun!

Monday: Gym. Homework pack is due and another is sent home.

Tuesday: Art and music

Wednesday: Computers

Thursday: FIELD TRIP to the zoo! make sure your child is to school ON TIME because we will leave as soon as the bus gets to school! Have your child in comfortable and weather appropriate clothing with walking shoes! If it is going to be hot please put sun screen on before they get to school (if your child is not allergic to it)Β  to help protect their skin. This has helped a lot in the past. Also, make sure your child has a BAGGED lunch they can eat and throw away to avoid lugging it around all day! Something healthy with a small snack and drink. We’ll be back to school by 2:00pm.

Friday: Gym.

Looking forward to an awesome week with my amazing class!

Week of 5-2-2016

Greetings to all our amazing room 111 families! I can not believe that May is already here!!! Time is flying by so fast. We have been enjoying and sharing all the earth materials and the social studies maps in class. Thank you so much for helping us make this project possible! If you have not turned it in please bring it this week it will be graded on the report card. We have another busy week coming so here is what you can expect!

Word family: we are still working on the -og family so our test is extended to Friday the words were (log, dog, hog, bog, cog, fog) sight words bonus his and him.

NWEA: we have our first NWEA test on Tuesday for math so make sure your child gets a great night sleep and a good breakfast! Our second test on reading will be May 10th in reading.

Field Trip chaperones: thank you all for your interest in chaperoning the field trip! I have chosen the first four parents that have their information completed to ride the bus: Mrs. Hazimeh, Mrs. Hajj, Mrs. Aoun and Mrs. Baiz. I wish we could take ALL of you on the bus!!!!

More amazing chaperones: to all the other lovely moms that have volunteered to follow the bus And are waiting for their background checks to clear I will send home a note reminding you to send in your $7.00 now so you don’t have to pay $12.00 at the gate! Reminder that if you are a “chaperone” you will be taking a group of students from McCullough so please leave little ones at home! A great idea would be to buddy up like a few moms are doing and drive together. I did this with three other moms before and we saved on gas and parking this way πŸ™‚

Monday: Gym with Mrs. Fenner. Collecting homework packets and sending new ones home.

Tuesday: Art with Mrs Brown and Music with Ms Wilder. NWEA test in the AM.

Wednesday: computers with Mrs. Pantaleo

Thursday: media check out 1:30pm. We also have music with Mrs. Webber. Today is our school improvement walk through wish us luck!

Friday: pink book testing, spelling test -og family and gym with Mrs. Fenner


whew! That’s all for now, I’ll send more updates during the week if I need to. Have a great week