Classroom Pictures!


The following page is all about our HARD WORK and great ideas for working with the games and reading packs at home! Here is a chance for me to share your adorable hard working children with you 🙂   Enjoy!

Daily 5 Choice 1: Read to Self (Students are reading the “pictures” which is the first of three ways to read a book!

The following pictures are students in a reading group working with “sight words!” First, we went though each word as we pushed them up and read them aloud. Then we pulled them back down and worked on making as many sentences as we could (when we made a sentence stem, we read them as many times as we wanted finished the stems while pointing to each word one at a time with our pointer finger). Then, we put them away one by one in our baggies as the teacher called out a sight word! We had a blast.


Here are a couple games we played in math class called “making candles” and “Roll and cover to 5” We also have been working SO hard to complete math journal reflection questions and daily lessons about numbers and counting from 0-5.