Week of 4-25-2016

Greetings room 111 families!

A special congratulations to Yara Nassour who has completed her PINK BOOKLET in kindergarten! Woohoo Yara way to go! She will be moving on to booklet #2 this week. Here is a picture of us having our special lunch date today. I am so proud of her and all my students working so hard on their sight words. It’s time to turn on the heat!!!


I hope you were are all out enjoying the beautiful Sunday weather with your families! It was a PERFECT DAY to take your child to the part and collect earth materials! As the month is coming to an end, a gentle reminder that their science project is due this Friday! We have already had some students turn it in thank you! We will enjoy sharing them this week. DON”T FORGET to draw a map of one of the parks you visit and answer the question: “Was that park clean? Did it have any garbage or graffiti on it?” Here is what you can expect from our busy schedule this week!

Although the weather is beginning to get warmer, please continue to check the weather every morning and send your child with the proper gloves, hats, coats if the weather dips down in temperature. Michigan can be crazy in April and May! Also, remember that students are not allowed to wear flip flops or open toed shoes and shoes that do not have a back supporting them for safety reasons.

*Important Dates: May 3rd and May 10th will be our last reading and math NWEA tests for the year. You can help your child practice their skills by reading every night, counting, practicing their addition and subtraction facts, sight word practice, rhyming practice and counting objects!

*Field Trip to the Zoo May 19th. I will announce the parent chaperones this week. I have given a few extra days for parent to hand the background checks in. There were SIX students who did not turn in their permission slips. Remember, I can not take your child on the bis with out your permission!

Word Family: -og (dog, bog, fog, hog, jog, log)

Sight words: make, his, him

Monday: Gym with Mrs. Fenner

Tuesday: Art with Mrs. Brown and music with Mrs. Wilder.

Wednesday: Computers with Mrs. Pantaleo

Thursday: Music with Mrs. Brown

Friday: Gym with Mrs. Fenner. Pink book sight word tests!




Science Roadside Investigation #1

Yesterday we worked really hard on a number of small investigations about rocks and earth materials. In our lesson, we investigated what would happen When rocks are rubbed together? The great thing was that ALL the students predicted the correct outcome! Yay for us! We all expected tiny bits of rock to fall from the rocks and collect on the table. Some students even predicted that the tiny bits of rock over time would collect as sand. Then, we took our rocks outside because we knew that some rocks make great sidewalk chalk! So, we checked to see if our rock would transfer onto the pavement. It was SO fun. Here are some snapshots of our work. Enjoy!

IMG_8847IMG_8852IMG_8849 IMG_8848 IMG_8846 IMG_8845 IMG_8844 IMG_8843 IMG_8842 IMG_8841 IMG_8840 IMG_8839IMG_8851IMG_8850

Science Experiment Wed

Greetings all! Just wanted to thank Mrs. Moustafa for her time tomorrow at 1:30pm! If anyone else would like to join us we will be working on earth materials experiment #2! Hit reply if you’d like to join the madness lol! Thank you in advance 🙂

March Madness and April Showers!

Here is ALL of the stuff we have been up to lately! Whew! I’m exhausted but SOOOOO proud of my kiddos! THANK YOU to all the families for ALL your hard work it really shows 🙂

 File_000(5)        File_001(4)

Congratulations to our class for reading the most minutes in the kindergarten classes we have won a pizza party!!! AND congratulations to Bashir Baiz for reading the most minutes in kindergarten woohoo we are awesome!!!!!!

In the following pictures below we are dying Easter eggs, measuring and comparing the height of objects, exploring rocks, exploring earth materials sand, soil, clay and gravel and eating veggies so that we could form an opinion in writer’s workshop about which one was our FAVORITE vegetable! We have had SO much fun and been SO busy!!!

File_000(3) File_000(4) File_000(6) File_000(7) File_000(8) File_001(2) File_001(3) File_001(5) File_001(6) File_002(1) File_002(2) File_002(3) File_002(4) File_002(5) File_002 File_003(2) File_003(3) File_005(2) File_005(3) File_005(4) File_006(1) File_006(2) File_006(3) File_007(2) File_008 File_009(1) File_009

Greetings fabulous families of room 111! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I hope you had some luck with our science project. If you didn’t make it to the parks yet, hopefully the weather will warm up this week some time!We had SO much fun on Friday furthering our knowledge of earth materials with our science experiment! THANK YOU to Mrs. Hajj, Ms. Harp and Mrs Biaz for your help and time!!! ALL your children want you to join us lol! They are so sweet so if you couldn’t make it this time, come on in this Wednesday as we do more science!

Mine has been so busy with family preparing and celebrating for little Ms. Antonia’s 1st birthday tomorrow (4-11-2016) by the time you read this my baby will be one!!! My how time flies. Here is a little pic or two lol of my darling! And here is what you can expect in school this week! (Look also for next post with SO many pics from March and April!)

 File_004(1) File_005(1)

Monday: We have gym with Mrs. Fenner. Homework packets are due and new packets is going home!

Tuesday: We have art with Mrs. Brown and music with Mrs. Wilder

Wednesday: Science experiment number two of earth materials! If anyone wants to come in to join us feel free! At 1:30pm! We will also go to computers today with Mrs. Pantaleo.

Thursday: We have music today with Mrs. Webber. Don’t forget to study for spelling test tomorrow.

Friday: Spelling test. We also have gym with Mrs. Fenner.

Word Family: -ed (bed, fed, led, red, Ted,)

sight words: she, get

LA focus: word families, rhyming, comprehension strategies like inferring, making personal connections, opinions

Writing: opinion, informational (veggies and earth day)

Math: measurement continue direct comparisons of objects also missing addends (____+3=10)

science: cont. earth materials unit (make sure you are gathering earth materials from 2/3 parks on the weekends)

social studies: earth issue (linked to writer’s workshop and science about keeping earth clean)

Week of 4-4-2016

Image result for ecstatic students

Yay! I get to go back to school tomorrow!!!


Hello out there! Can you believe this CRAZY weather? I hope you have all been enjoying this wonderful time off with your lovely families. I have been loving my time at home with my family. Last Tuesday Benjamin lost his first tooth and I was here to see it! Then tonight, he lost his SECOND tooth! Now he has a giant hole in the front of his bottom teeth it’s SO cute! It was a wonderful feeling. I hope you all had a wonderful and restful vacation too!

Science PBL Unit! We are beginning our earth materials PBL unit. I will be sending home a note this week to explain it. I am so excited to learn about earth materials and make it hands on. We will need your help though to collect some materials from neighborhood parks other than McCollough Unis!

Also, we need your help! Could you please send in a plastic baggie with some rocks in it either from your house or from the neighborhood? We will be observing the attributes of a rock for our “rocking rocks” report! We truly appreciate your help and remind you to please put your child’s name on the baggie so they can be returned!

*Reading Minutes Log: Well it’s that time! This week we will be having our ending assembly that was rescheduled to finish up the reading month! I will be awarding prizes to the students and classes with the highest reading minutes in each grade level so make sure to sign and return the logs MONDAY April 4th, 2016. I will be filling out certificates so I will not accept any logs Tuesday morning the day of the student assembly. THANK YOU for all your support last month once again!

*Those who ordered a book order they went out this weekend so we will look forward to them coming soon (fingers crossed by Friday Scholastic is fast!)

Here’s what to expect this week in kindergarten as we begin or continue our units:

Spelling family: -ad family (dad, lad, sad, bad, fad, rad, had, pad)

sight words: said, get

math: measurement continue with length/height and now weight

science: earth materials

writing: opinion (our favorite veggie that grows on top or bottom of the soil!) We will be tasting some veggies Monday morning so be sure to ask you child what their favorite was!

*Thursday is library check out so make sure to return all materials 🙂


WELCOME BACK room 111 I really missed you and am looking forward to a great week!


Mrs. Ross