Hip Hip Hooray It’s The 100th Day!

We Are 100 Days SMARTER!

Dearest Families,

We wanted to share a few pictures from our wonderful day with you! We can NOT thank you enough for all of the support and love you give to our classroom each and every day. Thank you for helping to make our special day SO memorable and delicious 🙂 I apologize in advance if anyone is too full for dinner! I also wanted to thank ALL of you for the beautiful Valentine’s cards and treats. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful group of students and families this year. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

With love and gratitude,

Mrs. Ross and her old friends 🙂



Dear families,

Our class voted to move the 100th day celebration and dress up day to Wednesday the 14th of February (Valentine’s Day)! We wanted to celebrate with our friends in the other classes and found out they moved it to Wednesday the true 100th day because of the snow day on Friday. This is ok though, because it gives us more time to get our amazing old lady and old man outfits ready to rock! It also gives everyone more time to come up with their 100th day collections 🙂 We shared some this morning and thank those who have turned it in so far! Please let me know if you need any more clarification…I will also send home a note tonight!


Mrs. Ross

100th Day Updates and Valentine’s Day!


Image result for valentines dayDear families,

I hope this message finds you all warm and dry and inside your cozy houses watching the Olympics! Go USA!!! This message is to let you know that our sign up genius for the 100th Day has been published and shared tonight. In addition, I wanted to send a special message about Valentine’s Day.

Our class will be exchanging Valentines on Wednesday afternoon. If you child would like to participate (no pressure), please send in 24 Valentines. In addition, if they want to put a treat or sucker with it or something please just make sure that items are individually packed. No cupcakes please. I will be bringing in a cookie for the class to ice and eat! I have found that with kdg it is much easier to just put FROM: _____________ on each card instead of writing out each child’s name! It is way less confusing for the students that way 🙂 But, if your child wants to write their friends names here is the list of our cuties 🙂

Tyler B.

Samuel B.

Alexander B.

Gia D.

Ramy E.

James F.

Arjum G.

Abdurahman H.

Anya H.

Britta H.

Angelina H.

David L.

Maliya M.

Yasir R.

Grace M.

Malynn S.

Griffin S.

Enzo S.

Marco V.

Rachael G.

Harlow H.

Willow P.

Mehak L.

Nada S.

Attn: A special Message from Mr. Attee…

DuVall Families,

As you enjoy the wonderful winter weather our city is experiencing, please be aware of students walking to/ from school during arrival/dismissal.  Please follow the speed limit near the school.  During arrival/dismissal, please do not park in the bus lane on Beech Street as well as in the no parking zone by the corner of Beech and Military as it creates a bottleneck for traffic and an additional hazard for students walking across the street.  Avoid picking up/ dropping off students in the middle of the street is not safe. When parking, please do not block the driveways of nearby homes or alleyways as it obstructs families from being able to leave their property.  Additionally, several vehicles are parking in the staff parking lot blocking cars and backing up – this puts students at risk if you do not see them as you are backing up.  Thank you for your support in helping all of our children arrive to and leave school safely!

DuVall Principal and Office

Week of 2-4-2018

Dear Families,

I hope you are are all warm and dry and enjoying this weekend with your loved ones! As we roll into February here is what you need to know this week and some important dates for this month! Have a wonderful week and if there are any additions or changes to this post I will write again asap!

*Tuesday February 6th from 6:00pm-7:00pm we will be having Math night at the school! I hope to see you all there it should be so fun 🙂 I will have math centers in our room of course!

*Tuesday February 13th, we will be celebrating our 100th day of school! Please join Mrs. Ross in dressing up for the day like your “100 Year Old Self”! In the past my students have worn their OWN clothes (no need to buy a costume) and simply put comfortable tennis shoes on with long skirts or dress pants and sprayed their hair and added wrinkles! It’s super fun and funny and one of my favorite days of the year! I will send home a special note with specific details about what to bring and wear that day (no pressure of course) and a sign up genius should you want to help donate supplies for our “100th Day trail mix” snack! Below are a few of my previous students who dressed up in clothes from home and looked adorable! They used baby powder or silver costume hair spray and moms drew lines on them with eyeliner or face paint! It was hilarious.

*Mid Winter Break: Week of February 19th -23 rd

*Monday we will switch to the February PBIS behavior sheet. Please make sure to discuss behavior each day and sign once a week 🙂

*Because we had no school on Friday, all students will be taking home their report cards on Monday. I am so pleased with the progress from the class and THANK YOU all for your continued support with your child. This has been such an amazing year together and I am so grateful and proud!

*Tuesday is library check out day! Please make sure your child’s book is in their backpack the night before. Thank you for your help 🙂

*Spelling KDG: -op family  (*cop, shop, mop, *top, *hop, pop, bop) went, are 

*Spelling First: -bl and -gl families (blank, blue, blog, blow, glow, glad, glue, glass) went, are 

Happy Friday No School KDG!!!

Happy Friday to all! Just a reminder that the kindergartners do NOT have school this morning and I will miss you all and see you Monday!

First Graders, you DO have school today and you are to report to Ms. Kerby’s line in the morning. First graders there IS popcorn today so bring those quarters and have a fabulous day! Good luck on your spelling test and I’ll see you Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Mrs. Ross 🙂