100th Day Updates and Valentine’s Day!


Image result for valentines dayDear families,

I hope this message finds you all warm and dry and inside your cozy houses watching the Olympics! Go USA!!! This message is to let you know that our sign up genius for the 100th Day has been published and shared tonight. In addition, I wanted to send a special message about Valentine’s Day.

Our class will be exchanging Valentines on Wednesday afternoon. If you child would like to participate (no pressure), please send in 24 Valentines. In addition, if they want to put a treat or sucker with it or something please just make sure that items are individually packed. No cupcakes please. I will be bringing in a cookie for the class to ice and eat! I have found that with kdg it is much easier to just put FROM: _____________ on each card instead of writing out each child’s name! It is way less confusing for the students that way 🙂 But, if your child wants to write their friends names here is the list of our cuties 🙂

Tyler B.

Samuel B.

Alexander B.

Gia D.

Ramy E.

James F.

Arjum G.

Abdurahman H.

Anya H.

Britta H.

Angelina H.

David L.

Maliya M.

Yasir R.

Grace M.

Malynn S.

Griffin S.

Enzo S.

Marco V.

Rachael G.

Harlow H.

Willow P.

Mehak L.

Nada S.

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