About Mrs. Ross

My name is Margaret Ross and though I sign Margaret on everything, I go by the nickname Maggie. I was born in 1979 and have lived in Dearborn for 40 years!  As  a child, I attended Divine Child Elementary and Divine Child High School in Dearborn. After graduation I attended Eastern Michigan University twice! The first time I earned a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Distribution but was not satisfied. I come from a family of teachers (my mother and sister who is Mrs. Morrison a fellow Penguin!), so I decided to follow my destiny and went back to EMU become a teacher. But I didn’t stop there. I attended Oakland University and attained a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood. I was fortunate to be hired in Dearborn Public Schools and have been teaching here since 2005. DuVall is my fourth elementary school in Dearborn and my FAVORITE. I LOVE being a Penguin! I hope to retire from this building and stay as long as they will have me 🙂 

My husband and I live in Dearborn with our nine year old son Benjamin Harold and our four year old daughter Antonia Anita. We also enjoy experiencing Dearborn Public Schools as parents. This year our son Benjamin will be in fourth grade at Lindbergh Elementary School and Antonia will be in the four year old Developmental PreSchool at DuVall with Mrs. Bazzi and Mrs. Lackey! Benjamin loves school, learning and making friends and is soccer CRAZED! He plays soccer for the Dearborn Jaguars and you’ll soon see that is where we spend alot of our time 🙂 Antonia has recently found love in dancing and swimming. My life is beautiful and I am so grateful for everything I have.