Week of 3-20-2016

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Greetings room 111 families! I hope you all have enjoyed this beautiful weekend! I have spent the majority of the weekend getting better and hope to have a much better week ahead!THANK YOU to all the families that came out to help us make our Reading Activity Night one to remember! CONGRATS to Zayd and Yara for winning big at the tin can raffle! Yara actually won OUR BASKET woohooo!!! I was SO relieved that all our hard work went to one of our own. Thank you to everyone for helping us make that possible for her. On the same note, we have been asked to move the closing assembly for March is Reading Month up to this week with the reading minutes. SO, please make sure that your child’s minutes are recorded AND signed by you by WEDNESDAY!!! I always reward the highest student (reading minutes) with a prize and the classroom with the highest reading minutes also gets a prize! So read, read, read and tally tally tally!

Due to my absence and the short week ahead, our kindergarten classroom will be reviewing important concepts this week and mixing in a few new ones. Our spelling test has been moved to Thursday to give us extra time to practice changing the beginning phonemes.

Report cards go out this week and I will only see you for your scheduled conference if you received a note from the teacher. However, if you need to see me for ANY reason just pop in and we can schedule you an appointment to discuss your child’s progress as well 🙂

I apologize for my tardiness in posting all the guest readers we have been having lately! So get ready for a slew of pictures today!

Have a great week and wonderful spring break!

Mrs. Ross 🙂

Word Family: -ug word cont.

sight words: and, come

Monday: Gym. *2:15pm our music concert in the gym!

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Computers

Thursday: music


Mystery Readers!!!


Week of 3-14-2016

Greeting families of 111,

My apologies for a late post! I am feeling very under the weather and have been doing a lot of sleeping at home! This week is our most exciting week for March is Reading Month so get ready for the craziness!

Word family: -ug (hug, bug, mug, dug, jug, rug, tug. lug)

Words of the week: and, come

Monday: homework packets due, new homework packets sent home

Tuesday: Art and Music. TIN CAN RAFFLE BEGINS TODAY! students may bring in money Tuesday and Wednesday to pre purchase raffle tickets before Thursday night! Tickets are $1.00 a piece.

Wednesday: Computers. LATE START!!! School begins at 9:00 am!

Thursday: Music. Library check out. Please bring books to return and check out new ones. Any overdue books must be returned or paid for if you have received notices. Thank you! READING ACTIVITY NIGHT 5pm-7pm! Flyer will be sent home this week!

Friday: Gym. Tin Can raffle baskets will be raffled off Friday morning good luck room 111!

I’m sure there are a million things we need to discuss, I will update as needed!

Mystery Readers!

Thank you to all the families who have donated $1-5 dollars to help build our Curious George basket for the raffle next week! We have until Friday to donate and then Mrs. Ross will buy extra goods and build it for Monday! Monday students can start bidding on the baskets during lunch!

THANK YOU so much for coming to read today Ms. Harp, Mrs. Hajj and Mrs. Hijazi! we enjoyed all the books and seeing you! Here are some pics from today enjoy! We look forward to seeing Jad’s aunt tomorrow at 12:15 pm!

IMG_8225IMG_8228Yara and Ms. Harp

IMG_8231 Ayman and Mrs. HijaziIMG_8232IMG_8230Hadi and Mrs. HajjIMG_8229

March Reading Month Update!

Thank you Mrs. Biaz for sharing this picture from Bingo for books! This is from Friday night! Thank you also to Zayd’s mom and dad for coming in to read to our class on Monday! We look forward to all the other myster readers scheduled this month! Please reply here if you would like to join us, or send in the paper form from the folders!



Bingo for Books!

IMG_8221 IMG_8222 IMG_8223

Mystery Reader’s #1 and #2

Week of 3-7-2016

Hello to all room 111 families!

I hope you all had a wonderful and restful weekend. Well we have officially kicked off March is Reading Month with an awesome assembly and Bingo night! This week we look forward to some mystery guest readers as well! If you have not replied yet, please do it will be awesome for your child to see you walk in by surprise! Thank you SO much to parents that will do this, and also for parents who have donated for our “Curious George” tin can raffle basket! Ours is always the best hee hee 🙂 We had such as awesome time at Bingo for Books on Friday! Thank you so much to all the families that came to support March Reading Month and win some books. If you took any pictures please share we’d love to see them on the blog! Make sure to check your March calendars to record reading minutes and to dress up for spirit days!

Here is what to expect this week:

Word Family: -ot (tot, hot, got, pot, cot, dot, jot, lot, not,rot) hot words are: pot, got, jot

sight words: they, them

Monday: We will go to gym.

Tuesday: We will go to art and music.

Wednesday: We will go to computers.

Thursday: We will go to music.

Friday: We will go to gym. Check March Reading calendar for spirit clothing dress up today.

There will probably be more as the week unfolds so I’ll be in touch! Have a great week.

Mrs. Ross 🙂

Dear parents,

Just wanted to put on here the flyer we are sending home with the students for Friday! If you click on the word untitled you will be able to access the link for the flyer! We hope to see you all there on Friday!