Week of 3-14-2016

Greeting families of 111,

My apologies for a late post! I am feeling very under the weather and have been doing a lot of sleeping at home! This week is our most exciting week for March is Reading Month so get ready for the craziness!

Word family: -ug (hug, bug, mug, dug, jug, rug, tug. lug)

Words of the week: and, come

Monday: homework packets due, new homework packets sent home

Tuesday: Art and Music. TIN CAN RAFFLE BEGINS TODAY! students may bring in money Tuesday and Wednesday to pre purchase raffle tickets before Thursday night! Tickets are $1.00 a piece.

Wednesday: Computers. LATE START!!! School begins at 9:00 am!

Thursday: Music. Library check out. Please bring books to return and check out new ones. Any overdue books must be returned or paid for if you have received notices. Thank you! READING ACTIVITY NIGHT 5pm-7pm! Flyer will be sent home this week!

Friday: Gym. Tin Can raffle baskets will be raffled off Friday morning good luck room 111!

I’m sure there are a million things we need to discuss, I will update as needed!

4 thoughts on “Week of 3-14-2016

  1. Good morning Mrs. Ross,
    I would like to double check are the students will returning their library book this Thursday?
    Thank you so much,

    yara’s mother

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