Helpful Resources

Websites we love to use:

  1. Have Fun Teaching (google this for the free letter AND word songs on YouTube!)
  2. Harry Kindergarten songs various subjects! – (google this for the free letter songs on YouTube)
  3. IXL for Math (this is a school website I love to  use.  I’d love to fundraise and purchase a membership for our students this year! Parents would need to buy a private membership)
  4. Tumblebooks (a great resource you can access this through the Dearborn Public Library’s Website)
  5. Razkids for reading (look for teacher rosskg)
  6. Dreambox (
  7. ABC Mouse
  8. for reading and language arts
    1. Click on interactives
    2. choose preK-K on the right hand side and hit search
    3. scroll down the games and enjoy!
  10. is a great math/LA website for kids!

Apps I love for ipads/iphones:

  1. Touch Write: letters/numbers for students at the “recognition” stages and little brothers and sisters to have fun!
  2. Teach me Kindergarten/ Teach Me First Grade
  3. RazKids on the ipad is a free app!
  4. Bedtime Math: a great “problem a day” to be solved at various levels depending on the age and ability of each child! this is one of my son Benjamin’s personal favorites! we keep a journal and pencil by his bedside just in case he’d like to draw a picture or work it out on paper.

*Mrs. Ross has entered all students into her classroom for the private website Raz-kids. Students should begin reading at home immediately  (reading every night is part of our kindergarten daily homework) and enjoying 10-15 minutes a night as a kindergarten student (reading pack books count!) or 10-20 minutes a night as a first grader.