Week of 12/19-2016

Greetings room 111 families!

This week is going to be a review week for class. We will review all letters/sounds and words we know so far! Instead of sending home a packet this week please work on all letters/sounds and green cards your child has. In addition, please continue reading from your child’s reading packs every night 🙂 Over the break I will send home a packet for your child to work on. We will be also decorating and eating snowman cookies on Friday in school. I have all the supplies for the cookies so don’t worry about sending anything in 🙂

Tomorrow is our reward for PBIS though, so please send your child to school in their pajamas for the reward day! They will be enjoying a movie! If you’d like to send them to school with ONE “junky snack” go ahead! (Like cookies, a chocolate bar, cupcake, brownie etc. but limit to one please!)

The last announcement is that Thursday morning at 9:15am is our Winter Singing Concert! I do not think the music department has a note to send home so I am trying to reach you all here to invite you! Don’t be late we’re in the first group to sing!!! See you there 🙂


Mrs. Ross and Class!


Week of 12-11-2016

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Dear Room 111 Families,

Hip hip hooray it’s a SNOW DAY!!! I hope you are all able to stay warm and cozy, sleep in, relax and enjoy a lazy day today! Here is what we have in store for this week in kinderland…

Letter of the week: Q q

Word of the week: want (we will learn about needs/wants in social studies this week!)

Monday: SNOW DAY! We will relax at home and read our books in our reading packs, practice sight words and count all the snowflakes that fall outside! Oh, and eat homemade cookies and shovel!

Tuesday: Music with Mrs. Wilder and Art with Mrs. Brown

Wednesday: Technology with Mrs. Pantaleo (Boot-camp at 3:15pm in room 111!)

Thursday: Music with Mrs. Wilder

Friday: Gym with Mrs. Fenner


Important Dates:

Wednesday December 14th at 3:15pm-4:15pm our first KDG boot-camp to make and take games for skill practice!

December 21st, Late Start (9:00am at door 10)

December 23rd: Students will have a winter celebration in room 111! Details and sign ups to come as the date gets closer!

Winter Holiday Break: begins Saturday December 24th and ends Sunday January 8th (school resumes Monday, January 9th, 2017!)


Have a wonderful week! Stay tuned for any updates and modifications to school happenings!


Mrs. Ross 🙂

Week of 12-4-2016

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Greetings Fantastic Families of room 111!

I can NOT believe that it is already DECEMBER! Where has the time gone, this year is flying by so fast! Last week on Thursday we celebrated our manners at the PBIS Town Hall and then Friday our whole class was able to attend the party!  Congratulations to Hassan Jaffer who is our new students of the month this month!

Here is the information you need to know this week!

Letter(s) of the week:  Pp and Qq

Word(s) of the Week: said, do

Monday: Gym with Mrs. Fenner (new homework assignments go home today)

Tuesday: Music with Mrs. Wilder and Art with Mrs. Brown

Wednesday: Technology (This is our week for library check out! Make sure your child’s book is in their backpack Tuesday night)

Thursday: Music with Mrs. Wilder

Friday: Gym with Mrs. Fenner (individual sight word assessments and letter ID assessments)


As we reach December here are a few reminders for school to home connections:

Students should be doing at home…

Reading from their reading packs every night for 10-20 minutes (paper books and hardcover books)

practicing sight words/letter cards (reading and writing them)

Working on counting by 1s, and 10s at home to 100

Working on reading and writing numbers to 10 or more!

Be able to count objects up to 21 regardless of their arrangement (in a circle, square, line, diagonal)

Reviewing the behavior calendar every night with parents and working toward a new behavior month

Have a wonderful week! I will be in touch with any additions or corrections to the post this week!


Mrs. Ross