Week of 3-20-2016

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Greetings room 111 families! I hope you all have enjoyed this beautiful weekend! I have spent the majority of the weekend getting better and hope to have a much better week ahead!THANK YOU to all the families that came out to help us make our Reading Activity Night one to remember! CONGRATS to Zayd and Yara for winning big at the tin can raffle! Yara actually won OUR BASKET woohooo!!! I was SO relieved that all our hard work went to one of our own. Thank you to everyone for helping us make that possible for her. On the same note, we have been asked to move the closing assembly for March is Reading Month up to this week with the reading minutes. SO, please make sure that your child’s minutes are recorded AND signed by you by WEDNESDAY!!! I always reward the highest student (reading minutes) with a prize and the classroom with the highest reading minutes also gets a prize! So read, read, read and tally tally tally!

Due to my absence and the short week ahead, our kindergarten classroom will be reviewing important concepts this week and mixing in a few new ones. Our spelling test has been moved to Thursday to give us extra time to practice changing the beginning phonemes.

Report cards go out this week and I will only see you for your scheduled conference if you received a note from the teacher. However, if you need to see me for ANY reason just pop in and we can schedule you an appointment to discuss your child’s progress as well 🙂

I apologize for my tardiness in posting all the guest readers we have been having lately! So get ready for a slew of pictures today!

Have a great week and wonderful spring break!

Mrs. Ross 🙂

Word Family: -ug word cont.

sight words: and, come

Monday: Gym. *2:15pm our music concert in the gym!

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Computers

Thursday: music


Mystery Readers!!!


4 thoughts on “Week of 3-20-2016

  1. Hi Mrs. Ross,
    Thank you so much for all your hard work. yara was very happy with curious George Basket.
    we really appreciate whatever you do to let the students happy and success.

    yara’s mother

    • Oh my goodness it’s my pleasure! I am SOOOOOOO happy she won it! It’s like a child every year and it’s hard to let the baskets go lol! So glad it’s with you enjoy and thank you for all you do 🙂

  2. Ross apologized to you to master not coming for an interview today because of the small patient’s son, and tomorrow I see you if you allow pm and 2:45 pm Thank you Um Khaled Awad

    • Hi there! No worries, I know things happen sometimes! How about at 11:45pm tomorrow? I have a 3:15pm app. after school and then a family obligation to get to after that! I will see you tomorrow and we can figure it out? Have a wonderful night!

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