Greetings fabulous families of room 111! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I hope you had some luck with our science project. If you didn’t make it to the parks yet, hopefully the weather will warm up this week some time!We had SO much fun on Friday furthering our knowledge of earth materials with our science experiment! THANK YOU to Mrs. Hajj, Ms. Harp and Mrs Biaz for your help and time!!! ALL your children want you to join us lol! They are so sweet so if you couldn’t make it this time, come on in this Wednesday as we do more science!

Mine has been so busy with family preparing and celebrating for little Ms. Antonia’s 1st birthday tomorrow (4-11-2016) by the time you read this my baby will be one!!! My how time flies. Here is a little pic or two lol of my darling! And here is what you can expect in school this week! (Look also for next post with SO many pics from March and April!)

 File_004(1) File_005(1)

Monday: We have gym with Mrs. Fenner. Homework packets are due and new packets is going home!

Tuesday: We have art with Mrs. Brown and music with Mrs. Wilder

Wednesday: Science experiment number two of earth materials! If anyone wants to come in to join us feel free! At 1:30pm! We will also go to computers today with Mrs. Pantaleo.

Thursday: We have music today with Mrs. Webber. Don’t forget to study for spelling test tomorrow.

Friday: Spelling test. We also have gym with Mrs. Fenner.

Word Family: -ed (bed, fed, led, red, Ted,)

sight words: she, get

LA focus: word families, rhyming, comprehension strategies like inferring, making personal connections, opinions

Writing: opinion, informational (veggies and earth day)

Math: measurement continue direct comparisons of objects also missing addends (____+3=10)

science: cont. earth materials unit (make sure you are gathering earth materials from 2/3 parks on the weekends)

social studies: earth issue (linked to writer’s workshop and science about keeping earth clean)

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