Week of 5-23-2016

Hello room 111!

I am SO glad to be back to school! I missed the kids SO much and want to thank all the wonderful chaperones for all the help on the day of the field trip last week. Really, from the bottom of my heart…thank you. I saw some of the pics that parents took and it looked like you had a WONDERFUL time! I heard a wonderful report form the teachers that took the class and the substitute on Friday. I am so proud! If you have any pics you took at the field trip feel free to text them to me or email them to me and I will share on the blog! Here are a few things to know and share about this short week!

Word family: review all

Math and LA: testing for report cards (I collected all the reading packs Monday so read read read every night from raz kids now!)

Monday: pajama day! new homework packets went home today! make sure to check your countdown for what comes next.

Tuesday: MRS. ROSS is shaking in her boots because so many students want to throw a pie at her today lol!!!!!!!!! We will enjoy our fundraiser this morning outside ahh!!!!! also we will have art and music. THANK YOU to all the families that donated towards field day!

Wednesday: Computers

Thursday: FIELD DAY in the AM. Be sure to check the weather ahead of time and dress appropriately for the weather. We will be eating outside after field day for a picnic lunch! So if ou want to feel free to send your child to school with a “sack lunch” in a brown paper bag so that they can eat a lot faster than going back in to the building and waiting through the lunch line! After field day at 11:50am they will just eat outside our room and then play!

Friday/Monday: NO SCHOOL. Happy Memorial Day weekend! See you all on Tuesday…

I’m sure there is a lot I have forgotten! So goodbye for now and I’ll be in touch! I must go get my beauty sleep and rest up for all the pie I am going to be eating and ingesting tomorrow 🙂

Mrs. Ross 🙂

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