Update for cookie donations…

Here is an updated list of who is bringing what and what we still need! Thank you all for your help and generosity! I just wrote down the first to reply. If anyone is interested in bringing in a fruit salad (in a bowl already cut up with a serving spoon) that is big enough for 21 students we’d love to add that as well!

*Parents are welcome to join us for the party from 12:30 pm until 2:00 pm. However, at 2:00 pm we are going to a sign along with the music teacher and students that is for students only.

Mahamed Ali: plastic spoons and napkins

Zayn: Juice boxes

Mrs. Biaz: 3 cans of icing

Yara: plastic knives and plastic bowls

Zayd: plastic plates

Mohamad A.: sprinkles 3 colors

Jad: m&ms (mini) one large bag

Hadi: fruit salad (cut up for 21)

Sill Need:

NOTHING Wohoo!!! Thank you all for your help!

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