Week of 1-4-2016

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Happy New Year! I hope this post finds you and your family well and rested. I have missed all the students so much over the break and am very excited to come back to school. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the students for the thoughtful gifts and chocolates that were given to me before the break. I appreciate and love every one of them. I am very grateful. In addition, I would like to thank all the parent volunteers who helped with our holiday celebration and those that donated supplies to make it all possible! We had a blast and could not have done it without your help. Get in a cozy chair because this is a LONG post lol!

Here is what you need to know for school this week!

Monday: collecting homework packets and sending a new one home along with the spelling words -at family and going to gym

Tues: art and music

Wednesday: computers

Thursday: library check out week so make sure to return your books by Thursday morning!

Friday: Gym

Spelling: -at word family (bat, fat, cat, rat, sat, mat, Pat, hat, at)

*hot words: bat, fat, mat    *cold words: I’ll pick two more words from the list!

Sight Word Booklets: Booklet 1 for all students (all students will get them by Friday)

This week marks the beginning of new and exciting curriculum for us! We will officially begin our spelling program with “word families”, and a new sight word program along side it (to continue building our high frequency words), that will be fun and challenging!Your children will ALL begin working with the –at family this week in spelling and all begin with “Booklet 1” of the “Sight Words & Fluency Phrases.  Some students will work on the first booklet all year (there are 100 words!) and others may progress to booklet 2, booklet 3 etc. Each level is color coded and a new grade level. To make it fun and exciting for the students, when any student(s) reach the end of booklet 1 (or any other booklet) they get to bring in their lunch and have lunch with the teacher! At that time, I bring them in the dessert for our special lunch. So have fun and work at your child’s speed! They will be retested once every week during reading groups and I will give them a colored circle on top of each number on the front of the book. This booklet should stay in the reading pack always and travel from school to home and back every night. I am going to send home a second explanation with the new programs so you have a copy to keep for reference in the reading packs. If you have any questions about new programs I am here to answer them just hit reply below tonight or come on in and see me anytime after school 🙂

Social Studies: This month we will begin a new unit about who we are. In this unit your child will be completing a timeline of their life so far in order for them to understand that they have a “past”. Please begin sending in a picture from each year of their life thus far (including an infant picture. Please put them in a white envelope and write their name on it. In the next few weeks we will work on compiling the timeline of me booklet and then we will need your child. We will be sending it home for you to work on with your child. We have tried it in the past but found the students were not able to remember! I appreciate all your help with this fun project, the kids love learning about themselves as babies and young kids.

Math: will begin working on 2Dimensional shapes this week identifying them and being able to discuss their attributes (like how many sides and angles/corners they have). each day we will identify and discuss a new 2 dimensional or “flat” shape. We would LOVE if your child could bring in a shape (small enough to hold) from your home environment to share with the class. Each year our class puts together a “Shape Museum” in the classroom. If you don’t mind, could we borrow it for a while during this unit? Just make sure to put your child’s name on it if you want the item back and not to send in anything breakable. For example, a small thin hanger could be an example of a triangle! This week we will study the: square, circle, triangle, rectangle and hexagon in that order. To make it easier, I will assign your child a shape to share so you don’t feel overwhelmed looking for all of them at home. However, if you’d like to bring in more on another day please feel free!

Shapes to share this week:

Square (Tuesday): Laya, Mohamed Albazzal, Khaled, Sarah, Ali A.

Circle (Tuesday): Rokaia, Zayd, Bashir, Adam B., Jad

Triangle (Wed): Olivia, Hadi H., Mohamed Ali, Ayman, Laren

Rectangle (Thurs): Hassan, Julia, Zayn, Hadi N., Yara, Adam S.

In addition, make sure you are pointing out real life examples at home with your child. For example, Benjamin got a magnatiles set from his grandmother for Christmas so as he was playing we were discussing how he was building cars using hexagons, triangles, squares and circles! It was so cool.


I hope everything is clear in this post! It is so long that this week I am sending some information home on paper. Please make sure to come and see me if you are NOT on the blog yet and getting all the regular posts! I hope you all had a wonderful break and a Happy New Year! I will see you all bright and early tomorrow morning.


Mrs. Ross



2 thoughts on “Week of 1-4-2016

  1. I was going to send some magnatiles. Mohamed Ali loves his set (even my 11 month old daughter loves it). Would that be a good example? Also could we get it back so we do not lose pieces from the set?

    Thank you

    • YES! What a coincidence! I just went to Target tonight and bought a huge set for the students to build with during math this unit! Antonia loves Benny’s too (mostly to chew on them lol!). Thank you for the great example. Of course we’ll return them they are so valuable. 🙂

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